Fairhope, Alabama

The citizens of Fairhope must know that they are being sold out by developers, the city council and those with appointed positions, such as municipal judge. In the mist of the Fairhope budget process the CATALYST Council, Boone Burrell and Brown are proposing a 2.65 million dollar purchase, supported by a questionable appraisal, for recreation land that will not be used for years.

The purchase of the soccer fields was a corrupt from day one. The end result was Fairhope drained 5 accounts for the purchase, let it sit idle for years and then blew 5 plus million on a sub standard complex. They are now going to repeat the same reckless process all over again in the middle of the budget process. In four years the Catalyst Council has not approved one budget on a timely manner.

The council has had no public participation related to the recreation land purchase. Mr Cory Martin has pleaded for the council to listen to reason. His pleas have drawn dead silence. It is financially reckless of the council, and very suspicious, that they, the three B’s, are pushing so hard to close on the property.



he Fairhope Council is made up of all Catalyst candidates. Three bees, Burrell, Boone and Brown, who have all used their elected office for personal gain, are going for the honey, again.

Source: rippreport.com/2019/10/09/honey-bees

Mr Martin is not alone, the council has ignored any advise from the Mayor or staff.

Mayor Wilson: “The purchase of 113 acres on 13/32 for future parkland will close in Nov. It will drain all capital improvement funds needed for urgent facility needs and prevent adding four ballparks to fill an immediate capacity need for up to ten years. No thought about re-purposing K-1 Center.

Council reduced revenue projections. We reworked with actual FY2019 revenue figures with very conservative estimates. Sales tax came in higher than projected.

Council questioned why City expenses higher. It is a combination of correcting expenses to appropriate departments, investing in a grossly understaffed PD and the cost of service in Public Works increasing.”

This is the same council that voted themselves full family insurance. The same council that tried to give away 105 acres, the Triangle, that cost taxpayers 13 million dollars as a result of a lost lawsuit. The same council that bought the k-1 center and has no money to spend on the project. This council is putting capital improvements, infrastructure and the sewer problems on the back burner while they purchase raw property that will sit idle for years.

Read the complete budget:

2020 Budget Waiting Approval: Fiscal Year 2020 Started Oct 1st

2020 Budget Waiting Approval: Fiscal Year 2020 Started Oct 1st

The fiscal year started Oct 1st. After two work sessions on Monday and Wednesday, we are now waiting on Council to pass. The next regularly scheduled Council meeting is not until Oct 28th. If you…

Source: www.mayorkarinwilson.com/2020-budget-waiting-approval-fiscal-year-2020-started-oct-1st/

Pay particular attention to the chart below.

Fairhope is being sold out to developers and those with the good ole boy connections. Follow the money. The Catalyst Council refuses to pay for a city administrator position for only one reason, to spite the Mayor, however their spite is costing us all.



Please read the Mayor’s comments and file written complaints to those listed at the end of the article. Stop being silent gullible pawns of a council that does nothing for nothing and always does something for something.

Source: rippreport.com/2019/10/02/quid-quo-pro/

On top of all the budget issues, Fairhope now has come to the crossroad of density. 566 apartments are coming, 300 to ? new homes, and commercial locations that will be key to draining downtown business.

Fairhope has been sold out.



PODCAST LIVE TODAY – Old Battles Place will have 94 units and now THE “CORRIDOR OF CHAOS”. 232 Apartments, 77 single family houses and 16 commercial units.

Source: rippreport.com/2019/10/11/corridor-of-chaos/

Fairhope needs candidates, not related to Catalyst, for the 2020 municipal elections. The municipal judge and the city attorney need to be replaced. To do that you got to get rid of the absolute most corrupt city council ever to be elected to office in Fairhope.

One last point, the Fly Creek apartments will soon begin to offer apartments as the project is completed. Most apartments open when finished. Fly Creek Apartments is going to rent a building as it gets completed. Why? Because they want to disguise the traffic nightmare on Parker Road, another Corridor of Chaos.

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  1. I bid two bucks for fairhope.
    Venezuelan currency.

  2. Fairhope is full of Fools | October 16, 2019 at 6:17 pm |

    The City Council is not only to blame. It is also the citizens for voting them in and being fooled into thinking they were “Christian Conservatives.”
    They should rename Fairhope to be Foolhope.

    • I will allow.

      • KGV, you would allow someone to shove your head up you ass! Oh, sorry, it’s already up there. I will allow, for you to keep it up there. KGV stands for ignorant assholes everyone.

      • People vote for who they think will be best. Candidates lie all the time. You need to stop pointing the finger at your fellow citizens and stand together to knock the A&*holes out of there. Nothing gets done if you all blame each. Buck up and drain that damn swamp over there!

  3. Mr. Ripp it is time to give up.
    You have put uo a good fight. But it is time to heel. Cry Uncle and we will let you ride off.

    • Hey Mac, YOU need to ride off! Ripp’s readers are growing more each day. Look at his Facebook clicks alone!! Hid podcasts through Youtube are growing and I can imagine his clicks through his webpage.
      His message about the developers running the politicians via Corrupt Catalyst is getting out
      So eat a BIGone, MAC

    • Hey Mac. You wish Ripp would go away but his audience grows each day

    • I think I saw Mac running from some guy at The Gulley. Too funny.

  4. NOT a Fool! | October 16, 2019 at 8:22 pm |

    Why, Why, Why do they KEEP approving all these townhomes, apartments etc & commercial space when MANY are empty & will probably remain empty??? So many are empty & they keep approving more!!!! Just HOW STUPID are they – & it is the Council, the Planning & Zoning Committee, the Building Department, the Ciry Planner & on & on. It is more than suspicious what keeps getting Approved with hardly any questions asked. And then you have those that keep getting stalled & not making a decision on because they are being BULLIED . Something is BAD wrong here!! We need much more investigated in Fairhope!! Those that are bullied by certain people & families in Fairhope need to be taken out of office & removed from their positions! It is more than sickening. Every single one in Fairhope that are making decisions concerning the city need to be REMOVED from office!!!

    • Poop in Bay.

    • Foolhope is my hometown says Brown | October 17, 2019 at 7:09 am |

      Dear Not A Fool,
      You answered your own question. The reason behind is the dirty politics of the city and the people buy the Christian bull because they saw a council member in church the other Sunday and they shook their hand. They are indeed fools from Foolhope

    • Anus Sphincter Burrell | October 17, 2019 at 7:39 am |

      Last one out of Fairhope shut the door.

  5. Let the record show that Fairhope was at one time a nice place.

  6. Clarence Draper | October 17, 2019 at 7:43 pm |

    I called Christie’s.
    Fake news Ripp.

    They said no way would they list the town famous for poop n bay (USA Today article).

    • Brown from Foolhope | October 18, 2019 at 5:59 am |

      But BROWN FROM YOUR HOMETOWN says Foolhope is a great place
      Yeah, he lied about the sewer plant
      The council members aren’t idiots. They are wise crooks
      By the way I like that term FOOLHOPE. IT IS WHAT THE THREE B’s TURNED THIS TOWN INTO. A hope for those Christians that were fooled by these godless manipulators who came to make a buck

    • Hey Clarence. Actually, all the shit is coming out of your mouth.

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