First let me announce that no longer will the Ripp Report accept comments from Jester 666 and the Truth teller, most likely one in the same. Their comments add nothing to the subjects at hand and the personal attacks, some sexiest, will not be tolerated. Their comments are meant to distract from the subject at hand. They Do represent what is NOT needed in Fairhope or Baldwin County. They will continue to filter into the site from time to time and we will continue to eliminate them. The Ripp Report seeks to have constructive conversations based on documented facts.

CHUCKY with the GCN Courier told the Ripp Report he had interviewed the Jester 666 at his office, many believe Chucky is Jester 666 . Hell Chucky could interview himself! His constant attacks on the Mayor of Fairhope are based on fired employees testimony. His favorite subject seems to include fired employees Jennifer Fidler and Sherry Sullivan and Pandora Heathcoat who has joined them by accusing the Mayor of assault, Fidler is her witness? FAKE NEWS These three women worked for Tim Kant and did whatever he told them, right or wrong. If he told them to jump off a cliff they would hold hands and jump together. They however turned on the newly elected Mayor and did everything they could to undermine and obstruct her, until they got fired. You had better believe Mr Kant has provoked the three to continue to file lawsuits, alleged assaults and keep the rumors going.

Chucky we know Mayor Kant is going to crawl out from under a rock soon and announce he is running for public office and his three loyal subjects will be on his campaign committee. Chucky you have quoted former employees who were under confidential agreements with the city. You have used leaked city documents that you have acquired by city employees and or council members. Your articles about the computers being investigated were so damn confusing most readers do not know the point you were trying to make. You never identify any sources and regularly use comments taken out of context.

CHUCKY stop giving Fairhope the finger. GCN, the Courier is the media choice of Catalyst. Catalyst has a track record of supporting the good ole boys and the mid term elections are coming up. Chucky we do not blame you for wanting those advertising dollars, which will be worth tens of thousands. Catalyst is supported by Councilman Boone whose son is the director and Jack Burrell is in bed with them too. One big happy family.

Your articles support a small group of people that are very self centered and are more concerned with maintaining a power base than supporting the community or county. You are far from a journalist and a discredit to the profession.

You have done a good job of keeping the misdeeds of “come fly with me” Burrell and the Fairhope Airport out of the news. However I predict that the truth will come out and Jack will be exposed. The teachers and taxpayers in Fairhope have been hoodwinked by the Fairhope Airport Authority who spends millions on the airport and thousands on education. They will be the deciding factor on what they think is best for the community, so stop giving us the finger.