The US Senate seat sought by a total of 19 candidates, 11 republicans and 8 democrats primary is less than two weeks away.

Alabama Senate race updated list: 11 Republicans, 8 Democrats qualify

Today is the deadline for candidates hoping to be elected Alabama’s next U.S. Senator.


On the Republican side we have Luther Strange:

Exclusive: A Behind The Scenes Look At Luther Strange’s Senate Appointment - Yellowhammer News

When Alabama rang in the New Year last January, Luther Strange was its Attorney General. At the time, his office was investigating Robert Bentley for crimes the former governor committed[…]


Infamous Judge Roy Moore:

Roy Moore’s suspension upheld by Alabama Supreme Court; decision next week on Senate race

The Alabama Court of the Judiciary on Sept. 30, 2016 suspended Moore for the remainder of his term as chief justice after finding him guilty of six charges of violation of the canons of judicial ethics.


Congressman Mo Brooks:

Brooks: If Sessions fired, I’ll give up seat - CNN Video

Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL) said he will give up his candidacy for the Senate and calls for other candidates to drop out of the race if President Trump fires US Attorney General Jeff Sessions.


Sen Trip Pittman:

The $675,000 Sins of Senator Trip Pittman-R are Irrefutable and Actionable

“He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it” Martin Luther King Dr. Christopher Warner encaps…


The first three selections are a NO, Pittman is a HELL NO, He is the WORST elected official in Baldwin County, by a long shot.

The only other person who is active in the race on the republican side is Dr. Randy Brinson.

Brinson asks governor to call Ethics Commission meeting - Alabama Political Reporter

By Josh Moon Alabama Political Reporter U.S. Senate candidate Randy Brinson on Monday called for Gov. Kay Ivey to require the Alabama Ethics Commission to hold a special meeting to take up allegations that Sen. Luther Strange violated campaign finance laws. Brinson held a brief press conference outside of the Alabama Capitol building before entering Read More


Are you not tired of the same old BS from career politicians or politicians that use their office for personal gain, like Pittman? Well your alternative may be Mr. Brinson. He may not be well known and certainly is not a career politician but would be a breath of fresh air compared to the above.

Please vote in the primary and think carefully who you want as Alabama’s next US Senator. Be careful you do not send a swamp rat to the swamp.

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