For the 10th time citizens packed the city council chambers to discuss the Fly Creek Apartments and again their comments fell on deaf ears. Four councilmen voted for the extension of the sunset clause that allows the developer another 120 days to get a multiple occupancy site plan.

WHY? Well, three of the council stated they labored over the decision and even prayed about it. You ever notice how many times religion and God come up with political decisions and how God must be responsible! Then throw in the word FAIRNESS, mix it up with a bunch of senseless gibberish and you have the perfect formula of B— Sh–.

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The Fly Creek upscale apartment development was a key issue in last year’s Fairhope municipal elections, costing some city leaders their offices. At least some voters hoped with a new mayor and three new council members the controversial apartments to be built behind Publix would go away. That’s not what happened Monday when a crucial …

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Mr Brown spoke, before the vote, about his long term relationship with Mr. Corte and spoke of him in glowing terms. If Mr Brown feels this strongly and has done work for Mr Corte, he should have recuse himself from any vote related to the project. Sound Fair?

Mr. Boone has a business relationship with Mr. Corte and the engineer company, who in turn have a business relationship with Mr. Corte. Sound Fair?

Conflict of interest?

Or Fairness, no no your in Baldwin County and as Senator Pittman has so famously said “we do things differently in Baldwin County.” Was he ever right.

Has the council been Fair to the citizens who elected them?

Has the council been Fair to the Mayor?

Has the council been Fair to hear an issue ten times and still not have an answer?

The council has ignored the fact that Fly Creek is full of red mud from the Publix site. And that the right of ways were graded away and all the trees, as well as every living thing. The council is forgetting all the violations. That Fair?

Mr. Corte and our former Mayor cost us $11.25 million involving the triangle lawsuit? Without any public participation they settled the lawsuit with the assistance of the last council which included Beavis and Butthead. That Fair?

The council has failed us and favored the land owner/developer again, the good ole boys are alive and well.

In the coming weeks you going to hear a lot about FAIRNESS. We will see just how full of it, the council is, when faced with some decisions of the past and how FAIR they were. Council attendance has been high since the election of Mayor Wilson, please stay involved, it’s going to get interesting.

Mayor Wilson has stayed the course from beginning until present, she has stood behind the citizens and opposed the project from the beginning.

FAIRNESS will not exist while Burrell, aka Beavis and Boone aka Butthead are steering a council more interested in keeping the developer happy than the citizens that elected them.


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