Fairhope City Council President, Fairhope Authority board member and Fairhope Authority Board Member who is on two man committee to review bids at the airport, Jack Burrell is double down. He insists that everything at the airport is perfectly legal and every one is as happy as larks.

The Ripp Report doubles down and calls. The scope of our ability to investigate the matter is now hindered by our lack of authority. We now call on the proper authorities to fully investigate the matter.

December 21,16To: Alabama Attorney General Special Prosecutor Mr. Matt Hart

United States Attorney’s Office White Collar Crime Mobile Alabama

28th Judicial Circuit Honorable Jody W. Bishop

F.B.I. Mobile Alabama White Collar Crime Division Reference Fairhope Airport Authority

Dear Sirs; Fairhope recently elected a new mayor defeating a 16 year incumbent. This was a blindside to the previous administration and almost immediately sins of the past started to appear.

The Fairhope Airport Authority and the actions of some board members has come into question regarding past airplane hanger leases. Several articles have been written about the subject: and These basically outline the allegations.

As a result of these articles and additional information an Ethics Complaint was filed by the Mayor of Fairhope in early December, I am not aware of a response. The Ripp Report has no confidence in the Alabama Ethics Commission and appeals to your authority for an independent investigation in what we allege is criminal activity.

In defense of the Ethics Commission, they were never told the entire truth surrounding the informal Opinion or the Advisory Opinion. The Airport Authority also left out any details as to the individuals involved. At issue was could an Airport Authority Board member bid on an Airport bid proposal? That is the opinion of the Advisory Opinion 2016-4. What is omitted is that the partner of the board is the municipal judge for Fairhope. In additional to that the Fairhope City Council President is the liaison for the council and sits on the Airport Authority as an active member. The council president was part of a two man ad hoc committee selecting the most qualified bid for a lease hanger space. All of these gentlemen share a common friendship away from the airport. An official investigation should reveal the scope of their business relationship. It is a classic case of the Ethics Commission being played by individuals that manipulate the Commission with their own Advisory Opinions.

Additional information has recently come to light, that I wish to share with authorities. Please do not take my allegations lightly as I wish not to waste your time as well as mine, I anxiously await a reply.