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The Ripp Report is supporting three candidates in the run off July 17th.

Billie Joe Underwood, District three, County Commission

David Northcutt State Senate Seat 32

Christy Olinger Edwards Court of Civil Appeals Judge, Place 1

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A special thank you to the Ripp Report’s most loyal contributor, for his latest contribution.

Elliott has raised 500,000 dollars in his campaign and the figure could go as high as 700,000 for a job that pays 42,000. That should be reason enough NOT to vote for him.

David Northcutt is the people’s choice and has not sold out to Catalyst.

CATALYST CANDIDATE MILLIONAIRE Tucker Dorsey may be the most disliked politician in Baldwin County. County employees are praying every night that they will be rid of him once and for all. When Mr Dorsey was elected he could hardly rub two dimes together, today he is reported to be a millionaire. His slick mail box ads have him standing under a lemon tree, what a subliminal message. He has been a lemon on the County Commission and has used his political position to further his own pocketbook.


CATALYST “QUEEN” CANDIDATE Judge Michelle Thomason, the most infamous and incompetent Family Court Judge in Baldwin County.Please, this is a Judge that needs to be kicked to the curb. You will be preforming a public service to Not vote for her. If you, or your children, have been a victim of this, so called Judge, do your best to use social media or whatever means possible to let other victims know that now is their opportunity to flush her away with Elliott and Dorsey.Vote for Christy Olinger Edwards for Court of Civil Appeals, Judge Place 1, Christy does not have the baggage Michelle has.

Baldwin County will be a lot better off with these three Catalyst candidates, help flush them down the toilet.