All you Roy Moore fans take notice: DUI, Chris Elliott sucking up to Doug Jones, you know the Democrat. Elliott has sold his soul and is in panic mode, he will do anything to advance his personal and political ambitions. Elliott is starting out to be worse than Pittman, please spare us the grief vote David Northcutt July 17th run off.

Chris Elliott is in full blown attack mode against his opponent David Northcutt. Elliott has collected almost 500,000 in campaign funds, most coming from Montgomery. Elliott’s final take could reach 750,000 for a State Senate Seat, that has a 42,000 dollar salary! His first mission, if he wins, is to pass a 12% gas tax, that will full fill his obligation to Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, they will be able to build those two bridges not needed. Elliott is the TAX MAN he secured the Education 1% tax, without a public vote, then he skimmed money off the 1% tax for county infrastructure. The County should have had the funds however the “Black Hole” mega-site ate up almost 40 million dollars.


One of the architects of Catalyst, Chris Elliott, is now going down and dirty on his run off for the State Senate Seat 32. Elliott gave up his County commission seat, even sold his business, in what…


Elliott, whose wife works for Sheriff’s Department, has the backing of Sheriff Hoss Mack. Hoss needs Elliott because he knows David Northcutt would move to change the qualifications for Sheriff, to be more fair. Hoss still has Pittman oil all over him and employing Elliott’s wife secures his qualification pillow stays in place.

The Superintendent of Education, Eddie Tyler has also jumped in bed with Elliott. Tyler is supported by Stragtegy, Mr Jon Gray, who is the lobbyist for the Baldwin County School System, AND is Elliott Campaign manager. Elliott started with Catalyst and paid them $8640.00 before switching to double dipping Stragtegy who has collected, thus far, $140,951.80. You can bet these figures will go through the roof when the last campaign figures are submitted. Tyler and Sheriff Mack are going to feel the blow back from their support of Stragtegy and the dirty politics that Catalyst is well known for.


Political campaigns are always dirty, however when the politician uses veterans or schools as a political tool, he reaches the bottom of the political barrel. Chris Elliott has pulled Baldwin County…


The teachers are being conned by their own Superintendent and Stragtegy as well as paying the bill for the Con!

Dr David Northcutt has responded to the allegations of desperate Chris and the mud throwing tactics Stragtegy has recommended.

Chris Elliott is a political prostitute, he is bought and paid for by special interests and Goat Hill. Mr David Northcutt is not bought and paid for and will represent us all equally.