This day is significant for many reasons:

Today is predicted to be the peak day for coronavirus in Alabama. To date Alabama has had 4792 cases resulting in 113 souls who lost their fight with the virus. The United States total is 770,564 cases and 41,114 loss of life. Worldwide 2,416,135 cases have been reported with 165,939 scumming to the disease.

What is apparent is social distancing works and testing is necessary. How many lives would have been lost by doing nothing?

Economic losses cannot be accurately assessed at this time. People are frustrated at the response by the Federal Government and the lack of testing. Harvard estimates that at least 500,000 people need to be tested daily in the United States. The current average is 150 thousand being tested a day.

Experts have suggested a slow back to work schedule. Testing first the medical staff on the front lines, Doctors, Nurses and hospital staff. Next test first res-ponders, ambulance, paramedics, fire departments.

This would be followed by testing essential business. This form of testing will build confidence among the public, which can be tested during the whole testing process, still recognizing the priorities of testing.

A promising sign is the sheer number of medical trials being conducted, around the world, trying to develop a vaccine to combat the virus.

On a much lighter note is :

420 (cannabis culture) - Wikipediaen.wikipedia.org › wiki › 420_(cannabis_culture)

420, 4:20, or 4/20 (pronounced four-twenty) is cannabis culture slang for marijuana consumption, especially smoking around the time 4:20 PM, and also refers to cannabis-oriented celebrations that take place annually on April 20 (which is 4/20 in U.S. form).

Significance‎: ‎Time/date to smoke/celebrate Ca…

Date‎: ‎4:20 / April 20

4/20 started at San Rafael High School, California of course, in 1971 at Benny Bufano at the 1940 statue of Louis Pasteur. Today it is celebrated around the world by the “Cannabis counter culture, legal reformers, entheogenic spiritualists and general users of cannabis.

Today at 4:20 PM millions around the world will light up and celebrate by smoking a little bud, no one will die from it.

April 20 2010 will live in infamy in Baldwin County for the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, aka BP Oil Spill. !3 lives were lost and 17 injured in the original explosion. The real damage came with 210,000,000 US gallons of oil released into the Gulf of Mexico.

Deepwater Horizon oil spill response - Wikipedia

Deepwater Horizon oil spill respon - Wikipedia

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deepwater_Horizon_oil_spill_respon

Ten years later and Alabama is still dealing with collateral damage from the spill.

Deepwater Horizon disaster + 10: Alabama work goes on

Deepwater Horizon disaster + 10: Alabama work goes on

To a great extent, work funded by billions in penalties and settlements is just getting started.

Source: www.al.com/news/mobile/2020/04/10-years-after-deepwater-horizon-disaster-along-alabamas-gulf-coast-questions-and-work-go-on.html

Baldwin County suffered the most economically, and got screwed by the state and their own legislative representatives.

Alabama House approves division of money from BP Oil settlement - Yellowhammer News

Alabama House approves division of money from BP Oil settlement - Yellowhammer News

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — On Friday, the Alabama House of Representatives passed a bill that will establish the distribution of funds

Source: yellowhammernews.com/alabama-house-approves-division-money-bp-oil-settlement/


4/20/2010 marks the day of the spill. On May 8th, Alabama Governor Bob Riley forms a task force and appoints State Senator Tripp Pittman to be the “trustee”, the banker, to represent his district and be sure necessary funds are dis-pursed to those in need. Little did the Governor know that the good senator was already planning with the then Mayor of Fairhope on May 3rd to submit his own personal contract for the very funds that were entrusted to Pittman to oversee.

What does the Oil Spill, the legal production of medical marijuana, 4/20, and the lobbyist that will represent the Hemp industry in Alabama have in common? None other than the infamous Tripp Pittman, no longer a State Senator, thank God. It has been 10 years and Pittman has not lost his talent to see opportunity for self enrichment at the expense of others.

Today 4/20 The Alabama Cannabis Association has released a press release announcing it’s organization, with 21 members.

BOOM BOOM Pittman has gone from tractor sales to boom installation, now he has his sights on being a wannabe Hemp lobbyist and farmer. CONSUMER BEWARE.

The LEGITIMATE Hemp farmers and their lobbyist had best stay clear of the tractor salesman Boom Boom Pittman. He is not a farmer and he sure as hell is not a “trustee” of anyone. The HEMP industry should be wary of Pittman as they will be scrutinized by many and judged by their membership.

The Ripp Report in the next month will be reminding citizens of Baldwin County of the facts surrounding Pittman’s despicable behavior as our State Representative and “trustee”.

Pittman Renews Million Dollar Contract with Fairhope

Pittman Renews Million Dollar Contract with Fairhope

  By Bill Britt Alabama Political Reporter MONTGOMERY— In an unbroken stream dating back to July 2007, Sen. Lee Davidson Marbury “Trip” Pittman (R-Daphne) and former Baldwin County Commissioner Bob James, have held a lucrative debris removal contract awarded by the city of Fairhope. The million plus contract mostly being held by Pittman Tractor Co., […]

Source: www.alreporter.com/2015/09/29/pittman-renews-million-dollar-contract-with-fairhope/

Pittman and the Fairhope City Council and CATALYST all back Bill “lowtower” for the First Congressional seat runoff July14 2020. Birds of a feather flock together, be sure they do not poop on you.