Baldwin County will be voting for all four county commissioners seats. The Ripp Report will be posting meet and greets for many candidates, no charge. Any comments, such as this, is the sole responsibility of the Ripp Report. County commission seat three, presently held by Tucker Dorsey, has several candidates trying to unseat Mr Dorsey.

A vote for Tucker Dorsey is a vote for Clarence Burke, Baldwin County Sewer, and Catalyst. Fact is a vote for Dorsey is a vote for the good ole boys and their old ways of doing business, for them selves only. Mr Dorsey helped marry the county to a mega-site that cost 35 million dollars, not counting lost revenue. His promise, after 7 years is the same tired story,”someday it will sell”. The county employees helped pay for the mega-site and they are fed up, Dorsey needs to go.

The Ripp Report encourages everyone to check out all the candidates. You should know the candidates and their political affiliation and their qualifications. By political affiliation I mean are they independent candidates or Catalyst candidates? Big difference, Catalyst candidates are all cut from the same mold. The good ole boy club and if you think they believe in fair play, get your wallet out.


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  1. Better Baldwin County | February 21, 2018 at 6:41 pm |

    We don’t need someone or something like the Ripp Report to let us know how sorry and what a terrible job, Tucker Dorsey has down not only since he was elected, but the failure and disappointing life he has lived. He comes in 2nd place as of right now as the sorriest Baldwin County Politician next to Tripp Pittman. Geeze, the stench that both these Bible Thumpers give of is nothing less than a polecat (skunk) for those of you city folks. It’s bad enough that Trip Pittman has just last week introduced a Bill to install a gas chamber for death row inmates. Yeah!!!! Can you believe this bull. Pittman is loco and has been and have always be in cahoots with Tucker Dorsey especially with the BP oil spill Fraud and the soccer fields as well as the what we now call the (industrial center) in Bay Minette as the DUMP!!!! that Tucker Dorsey knew from the beginning. Tucker Dorsey, a name you can think about everytime you flush your toilet. Responsible for too many Grinder Pumps as well. What do you expect from someone who has given God the finger every Sunday while he smiles and greets people at church. He knows good and well the disrespect he shows our “Lord and Savior”. We are too good of peole to put up with this for another minute than we have to. Frank Burt, you and Tucker fired great employees from the courthouse at Bay Minette and you both don’t care of the impact of your actions. This time, peole are going to speak up personally about how you two destroyed families. They and everyone will not stand for it. Don’t let the door hit you all in the ass on the way out!!!! Tucker, Satan is waiting on you and Jesus know this. Oh, so do you and your fellow church member. Just ask them for yourself!!!!

  2. Please explain how TD is responsible for the soccer fields and grinder pump over abundance. I must know be privy to something.

    • Tucker Dorsey you question? Or TW like you pathetically put it. Must go to the same church with TW. Let’s just say “if you were set on fire” you wouldn’t know you were burning. Baldwin County Sewer. Geeze!!!!! Furnished dirt under one of his many LLC’s for the soccer fields. Before you step into wonderland. Do a little homework.

    • Connie Henson | February 22, 2018 at 6:50 am |

      Tucker got some nice window tint tho.

  3. Greg Hoffman | February 21, 2018 at 9:22 pm |

    Pittman is awful.

  4. Trip is in my church. He is a good man. He told me he is getting out of the Senate “but not politics.”

    • Tucker is getting out of the Senate but not politics? Ignorance on the part of yourself and your church is no excuse. But, do not worry. We will show you that Tucker Dorsey is not the shining light that you think he is after we show him the door. Maybe that is what your Church should do to you and Dorsey. Loco! Get with the program. I guess DUI Chris Elliott is such a wonderful person too since he won’t admit even while bible Thumping, that he is a guilty man and should at least publicly apologize and maybe he will be forgiven. God’s children ask for forgiveness. Not mix up the facts and not claim responsibility. No one does on the Baldwin County Council. That my friend is going to change with or without catalyst, I meant (turd dreamers who don’t care about the citizens)!

  5. Baldwin County | February 22, 2018 at 8:51 am |

    Tucker Wilsey Dorsey, like several other politicians, in this county (Haygood, etc) came from Georgia about 13 years ago and took over Catalyst (then it was Stacey) and renamed it ELLIOTT HAYGOOD AND STACEY. They won the elections to get them in office. After getting in office they turned it over to Boone. Since then Catalyst has been the political kingmaker.
    I challenge anyone disbelieving this to look at the campaign finance reports of the politicians running for office. You will see that a big funder of politicians is Catalyst.
    Real Estate companies are also behind Catalyst. You will see PB (see what PB stands for) is also running Catalyst.
    Real estate developers are running this county right now

    • Yaya sistahood | February 22, 2018 at 1:21 pm |

      Why so many a$$ clowns in politics in Baldwin County?

      • Ole Fairhoper | February 22, 2018 at 6:26 pm |

        Because not enough people care. Think about it- so many new people have moved into Baldwin County that they don’t know or don’t care. Catalyst is betting that the new people who are moving in will drown out the votes of the rest of us. Since Catskyst is also funded by the developers it becomes a win-win for them and the politicians that it owns

      • It’s the way they get their high each day. Nothing different from them than a crack addict. Take what you can get and piss on the rest of the people. That’s the true motto for politicians we now have in Baldwin County.

    • Emily Dickson | February 22, 2018 at 10:22 pm |

      Robert Brown is the Jester. Has everyone forgot this fact???

  6. Stanton Pierce | February 22, 2018 at 12:41 pm |

    I heard Robert aka jester brown never got permission from the ethics commission to take on city contracts. Shame on him. Just like Trip and Jack.

    • Ole Fairhoper | February 22, 2018 at 8:18 pm |

      The Ethics Commission? It’s like having a fox watch the henhouse

      • The ethics commission is worthless! They received an email from a citizen and shared the email along with the citizens information directly with Ray Hix’s attorney. How is that ethical??The ethics Commision needs to be investigated. They have NO ETHICS!

  7. Emily Dickson | February 23, 2018 at 6:06 am |

    I feel so sorry for our town. How is it that we allow these developers and bankers and builders represent our interests? These men have no shame! They stand there and lie to us week after week after week. Robert Brown says he is not upholding the mayor. This is FALSE! Robert Brown is a builder and a developer and lies straight to your face. He is not a Christian. Christians do not lie. Don’t listen to his wife. She is brainwashed by that Montgomery madness that has hurt Alabama for so long. I am disgusted at how stupid everyone is. You do not allow city council members to do work for the city and you don’t let them develop your town with their friends. Wake up Fairhope these mongoloids are destroying fairhope. It may be too late i’m afraid. We have human waste running freely in our gullyes.

  8. Frank Burt is 87. Dang.

  9. Yaya sistahood | February 23, 2018 at 1:15 pm |

    Brown is Jester.

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