I hope that everyone understands what is really at stake here!

Sherry says “ she knows how city government should be work, about how building relationships is important in order to get things done “ …. WELL FOLKS, YES SHE DOES!!!

She was a huge part of the Kant regime that was full of corruption, did work and favors for wealthy people and maintained these poisonous relationships that were good for the administration but not good for the city. The prior administration had a cottage industry going; among them they billed legal hours and hours and hours on issues that could have been sewn up in one hour. They had a money making machine going, and a license to steal. By the way, honk when you drive by Hand Arendale’s law office on the corner of Section and Magnolia? Oh! Is it not there anymore? Wonder if she will put those folks back into play?

She was a player in not investing in our infrastructure and keeping it up to standards, giving contracts to friends.

SHE was part of the problem! SHE WAS AND IS ON THAT TEAM!

After Wilson was elected, Sherry kept in her position because of Wilson’s olive branch to the old Kant regime – she intended on keeping every department head in place. Some of these folks couldn’t seem to accept that Karin was their boss. They seemed to think it was more important to be disruptive and sneaky and try and put their feet in the sand to make Wilson look bad. Is that how you build relationships? By being passive aggressive and then playing the victim???? That is EXACTLY how she played it.

She drug poor Joseph, the vulnerable and kind Chief of Police,up in front of the City Council, with her other fired department heads, she orchestrated the town leaders to speak on Joseph’s behalf, Jack a** B tore up his letter of resignation and the whole town applauded. It was grandstanding, USING Joseph as a means to embarrass and humiliate Mayor Wilson. But, there were so many of us who could see through this drama. Joseph himself, was unaware that he told the tale when he said he called Mayor Kant to tell him he was resigning. Well, Kant was not your boss any longer. That seems to have been a theme. The couldn’t quit Kant.

They couldn’t be positive and accept change and work with their new boss. They would rather have seen Wilson fail so they cut off their noses to spit their faces. And drama is what they LOVE!!!!

They don’t care about Fairhope as much as they care about themselves and what they can do for the good ol’ boys!

Wilson thought that they could all be adults and work together. She had EVERY RIGHT, to replace Sherry and the others on day one. Yet Sherry persists in defining herself as the “fired” candidate.

You never entered the Mayor Kant’s office without Sherry being there and two steps behind to sniff out everyone’s business. “ Is there anything I can do to help?” was ALWAYS her spew.

Do we really want to go back to that select group of people who have been here for generations and their machine is for themselves and not the citizens of Fairhope as a whole. Do we really want the current council to continue to be openly rude and condescending and disrespectful to the person we selected as our Mayor?

I know that Sherry fans represent the scorned group of Kant supporters. Know this: this same group unknowingly let Kant and company get away with #*#*# , *€€£% as long as they hugged them on the street and asked them, “how’s your mother!”

But make NO MISTAKE Kant and company were in these positions because they were PAID to be there. Sherry was PAID good money to DEDICATE her life to living Fairhope. Heck, if I had been paid that much, so would I and so would you.

So please consider the positive changes that Karin has made, despite the ugliness and less than decent treatment she has received.

In spite of their powerful and cruel opposition, Mayor Wilson has: balance the budget, made infrastructure improvements and has the plans waiting to be approved to continue, written and received grants for infrastructure, received grants for ongoing projects, been fair to all people, created a city marina is now run by the City along with capital improvements made- just to name a few- promises made promises kept

Supporting Karin Wilson for a job well done !

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57 Comments on "FLY ON THE WALL"

  1. WOW! What another load of crap from the REMFSTER. Karen is an idiot puppet of Dwan Mosher. What a joke she has been. Landslide coming!

    • Anonymous | July 25, 2020 at 8:32 pm |

      Ripp has a point. I know you Catalysts hate that the word is getting out about you and you must be so jealous that you don’t have the readership that Ripp has after Chuckee Cheese quit writing for the Catalyst-sponsored blog known as the Baldwin Insider
      So tell me, Catalyst, how does it feel that you don’t run things anymore?

  2. KRAZY Karen balanced the budget ….my ass. Council had to cut millions from her idiotic proposals over the last thee years. She almost bankrupted her own family business. Her deficit claims are complete BS. Things will completely go to hell if she wins again. Vote anyone but Karen!

    • Anonymous | July 26, 2020 at 7:34 am |

      Yeah, vote the Catalyst Council who spend millions for a field and then rent it to a farmer for hundreds
      That deal was just another one of their back room stealings. You must think we are stupid to believe you
      You call yourself. “Truth,” but you are a LIAR

    • Francis Ripp | July 26, 2020 at 8:45 am |

      TRUTH HURTS The council did very little to balance the financial situation in Fairhope. The CATALYST 3 B’s did spent 2.65 million on recreation land, driving a city surplus of 1.7 million to a deficit of 1.2 million.

  3. This is a bad look for Sherry.

  4. Anonymous | July 25, 2020 at 4:22 pm |

    Fairhope should sell their utilities before either in them run them into the ground.

    • Anonymous | July 27, 2020 at 6:56 pm |

      Great idea! Wonder which council member’s friend’s company will get the contract?

      • Anonymous | July 27, 2020 at 8:24 pm |

        Good point. The Catalyst pact will always find a way to make a buck at the people’s expense
        May they ALL burn in Hell as hypocrites who call themselves Christians do

  5. Another brick in the wall | July 25, 2020 at 4:33 pm |

    You obviously know a lot about the inner working of things. Didn’t Lance Cabaniss get hired because his wife, the Finance Director, implored Mayor Kant to create a position? What say ye, Fly On The Wall?

    • Anonymous | July 25, 2020 at 8:34 pm |

      Yeah she probably gave the job that Sullivan wanted. Too bad Kant and Sullivan don’t run things anymore

    • Francis Ripp | July 27, 2020 at 8:07 am |

      I checked it out both are valuable employees, must be another CATALYST lie

  6. Great comment from Edith Calloway on the Facebook post for this article. Her timeline is almost entirely negative posts. ?

    • Anonymous | July 27, 2020 at 5:35 pm |

      Ripp does post positive things but the Good ole Boys keep being crooked and doing crooked things. Find me one thing that the current city council has done to improve Fairhope and not sell it to the builders and the political machine?
      Watch this council get voted out and you will see Ripp write more cheery stuff.

  7. Anonymous | July 27, 2020 at 5:43 pm |

    Ditto on Edith?
    Ripp thank you for posting what many folks know about Sherry. I’m sure she’s got a ‘creative agenda’ in mind. It amazes me how her followers don’t realize that Fairhope is wiser than they give credit. No more shady deals, Sherry!

    • Catalyst is Evil | July 27, 2020 at 8:42 pm |

      I just talked to three people today who wanted to vote for Sullivan. I convinced them to vote for Karin
      Hey Boone, We are working against your Catalyst machine. Soon, your organization will be nothing
      Haygood won’t run because he trashed Daphne, Hightower lost, and soon YOU will be history
      Ripp has ruined Catalyst and I am glad
      Ripp is my hero

  8. Why do these Shady Sherries believe that they can crawl back in and reactivate their quiet corruptions all over again?!? Bury that trash! No Sherry. Not again. Go away.

  9. High school diploma.
    Worn knee pads.
    Tongue ring.tramp stamp.

    • Who are you referring too? As a named Kantlover I only presume you think you’re speaking of MAYOR Wilson. Well she has a Bachelors Degree (and yes she got that AFTER her high school diploma). She does NOT have any tongue rings or other mouth piercings and never has. And yes she has a tattoo or two – who cares? The worn knee pads comment you made I’m not sure other than you’re impressed with her successfully competing and completing in Iron Man events.
      Such a small mind but then again you are a Kantlover so I suppose that’s redundant.

  10. Sherry and Boone and Brown all seem joined at the hip. I would not trust them to run a hotdog stand.

  11. Once Ripp removes the bees and re elects karin i hope he holds the new people also accountable. Power corrupts.

  12. Stanky land deal..
    Give us more information

  13. Carol Wilson | July 28, 2020 at 7:46 am |

    Break with the past and the path of Kant/Wilson competition. Vote/elect John Manelos. Great qualifications for Mayor. Platform: Keep the Fairhope Pier Rose Garden & American Flag as is and improve bulkheads. Fast track sewage/rain water infrastructure to create a healthy Fairhope beaches and Mobile Bay. Common sense approach to budgets, administration and relationship to Council.

    • Francis Ripp | July 28, 2020 at 2:02 pm |

      Vote for the BP guy on a paddle board? I doubt he get 17%

    • Anonymous | July 28, 2020 at 3:07 pm |

      Surf Board Guy needs to go back to BP and straighten that out. I just love it when outsiders come in thinking they are so smart and we just need their enlightenment to save us.

    • Anonymous | July 28, 2020 at 4:04 pm |

      Stop Wilson,
      Take your BP guy and have him finish the job with BP before he stars another job

    • Anonymous | July 28, 2020 at 4:07 pm |

      Ha ha ha
      Break with the past and elect overaged hippie
      What a laugh riot
      But he worked for BP and was over so many people and has all these degrees. Still not impressed. He seems like he is his biggest fan
      He was probably put in the race by Catalyst to cause a runoff

  14. One things for sure Ripp has a PhD in corruption fighting. Was surprised Senator Pittman got away with stealing that contract and leaving the boom anchors in the bay by cutting the lines.

  15. Mister Ripp why do catalysts call you a remster?

    • Lopez,
      Even though you were asking Ripp, I am going to step out of my lane and answer why Catalysts call him a “REMFSTER.”
      First, “REMSTER” stands for “Rear Echelon M*th*r F*CK*R.” This refers to a US Marine who served in the Marines but only in a support role, never saw action, yet uses the Marines as a prop.
      From what I know of Ripp, Ripp saw combat and was injured while serving in combat. He is not a REMF by any sense. You can see this by his fierceness and fearlessness. Ripp has been in far more dangerous situations than having Catalysts threaten to sue him, throw him in jail. Most of the Catalyst leadership have never served in the military and think that if they come across as bullies, they will appear tough to others. Ripp stands up to them and sees them for what they are: spoiled college frat boys that have never grown up and think they can treat women like they did in college.
      I have met Ripp several times and I see him exude toughness and humility at the same time. he is much better being a friend than an opponent.
      Ripp’s detractors can only call him this becuase Ripp tells the truth and the Catalysts cannot call him a liar because Ripp speaks the truth

      • Francis Ripp | July 30, 2020 at 5:41 pm |

        Vietnam 67/68 third marines 11th combat engineers, Dong Ha Wounded from body concussion 14 shoulder operations and kidney lost to agent orange.The entire country of South Vietnam was a combat zone.

  16. Anonymous | July 28, 2020 at 3:31 pm |

    What about the fire dept? Why is it still volunteer? That smells of olde time corruption.

  17. Jack has a few juvenile charges.
    What is wrong with Fairhope? Roy Moore is a pedophile.

  18. Manilow is a mow ron.
    I saw him on his paddle board in the bay knee deep in sh#t. Smiling and asking for my vote. I think he is short a few straws.

    • Heaven and Hell | July 28, 2020 at 9:23 pm |

      Manikin is just a stooge candidate put up by Catalyst. He has no chance in winning. He was out there just to force a runoff
      Catalyst is so predictable. Now that we know how Catakyst works, we can beat them at their game
      Too bad Scott Boone cannot think so fast now that Stacey, Haygood, and Elliot have moved on to bigger areas and the grave
      Good riddance

  19. i saw Burrell has a cute blonde running against him.
    I figure she is also not a crook and a cruel person, like Burrell.
    She has my and my wife’s vote, as my wife hates JACK.

  20. I have observed the three B’s together at McSherry’s on more than one occasion. These guys tell everyone they own the town and run it their way, Karin be damned! Boone is the meanest of the Bees. Jack is the dumbest. Brown seems like a complete lunatic building that obnoxious house after he stole the soccer and arts center construction contracts. If Fairhope doesn’t stand up to the corruption we are done for. The city can’t be run like a redneck piggy bank.

  21. Finally, Catalyst is in meltdown mode
    Boone, your days are numbered
    We are identifying your clients in Daphne and Fairhope and are outing your candidates
    You are becoming a liability to campaigning
    Boone is going to have to find another line of work perhaps this time honest work

  22. Boone jr. Will answer for his crumes. He’s trapped. Must face the music.

  23. If boone and his catalyst people will attack your military service it shows what dog sh#t character they have. They are rednecks.

  24. Anonymous | July 29, 2020 at 7:09 pm |

    Why are so many Sullivan signs around town? How do I get a Wilson sign?

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