Fairhope City Council has shifted from a rude, loud, and bulling approached, that backfired on them, to a passive aggressive approach when addressing the mayor. The ultimate goal is to prevent her from doing her job and opposing any of her goals. The masked condescending and sarcastic comments remain along with the disrespect.

If you missed the two and half hour council meeting Monday night be sure to go back and look at the video especially the mayor’s comments in reference to the veto, an ordinance amending ordinance no.1572 Fly Creek Pud.

It appears that the previous city council, under Tim Kant, at the last council meeting, at the very end of the agenda,

see video,

added an item that very day, 17. Resolution – That the city gratefully accepts the deed of property for the city of Fairhope’s sewer lift station from Angelo A. Corte to the city of Fairhope in the form as attached hereto as Exhibit A.

Mayor Kant was absent but his trusted good ole boys Burrell and Boone were present.

Hold your nose because this one really stinks. Mr Burrell presided over the meeting, reviewed, and was copied the details of Resolution 2606-16, before October 24th.

He failed to take into account the same resolution was recorded October 21st.

He also failed, according to him, to notice that no map was included with Exhibit A.

However the courthouse recorded copy has two maps that show the “gift.”

Fairhope’s broken relationship between mayor, council erupts once again

The Fairhope City Council unanimously approved a budget over Mayor Karin Wilson’s objections. They also overrode her veto that would have halted an apartment complex project.


Fairhope was gifted three plus acres of wetlands that are the recipient of the storm water runoff from the Publix site. It is also the location of the outfall pipe from the retention pond. This “gift’ was suppose to be the land under a city lift station, less than the size of a house. The “gift” was actually the entire lot including all the wet lands.

Mr. Burrell was aghast to find out these details and said he knew nothing about the “gift” of the whole lot or that it had been recorded three days prior. However you can hear the city attorney acknowledge that it had already been recorded. Mr. Burrell proceeded to introduce the resolution with this knowledge. The question is, was it just total incompetence or complicity to fool the citizens of Fairhope? Mr. Burrell said it should be investigated and the Mayor assured him it would be.

Wilson vetoes Fly Creek extension, council overrides

The city attorney Mr. Marion Wynne was uncharacteristically disrespectful to the mayor and became aggravated that the issue was raised and dismissed any concern of the “gift” or documents in question.

Fairhope deserves a full investigation of the “gift.” The passive aggressive council heard all these facts and more and still overrode the mayor’s veto throwing caution to the wind in order to be FAIR to the developer, while bending over the citizens.

Jack Burrell “come fly with me,” said their were no good ole boys and no conspiracy to impede the mayor from doing her job.

When the budget came up Mr. Burrell explained that he and Mr Brown, the self imposed finance committee, had toiled over a kitchen table for 15 to 20 hours to come up with a final budget. The end result was to reduce funding for the Economic and Community Development position. They must have been drinking! This position has been filled for four months by Sherry-Lea Bloodworth-Botop. She accepted the position sold her house in Washington D.C and both she and her husband quit their jobs, relocated to Fairhope and purchased a home. The irony is that Sherry Lea is in Washington presently representing the city and speaking with our US. representatives. Is this FAIR and how does this help the mayor do her job?

The council follow that up by finally lifting the hiring freeze, imposed to punish the mayor for firing two employees. Did this help her do her job?

The council had yet one more thing on the agenda to reject. The airport authority appointments, they quickly rejected the mayor’s appointments and said if she could not come up with anyone they wanted, they would keep the current board members. Mr Burrell “come fly with me” suggested they should require the mayor to present new appointments. And if she did not do that then the council should support a 60 or 90 day delay requirement before the mayor could even bring it before the council.
The airport authority city liaison is Mr. Burrell who is a board member that has had numerous complaints filed against him. The appointments to the board are the Mayor’s choice, however the council has blocked her from bringing any transparency to the airport authority.


The Ripp Report has been reporting on the Airport scandal since Nov. 2016, YOU DON’T KNOW JACK Well folks if you were watching football this last Monday night and have no idea what is going…


At the end of the meeting in public participation Mr.Boone was asked to recuse himself from voting on any issue involving the Fly Creek PUD, Angelo Corte, or Preble Rish engineering due to a conflict of interest. He explained he had no conflict or llc’s that involved any of the parties mentioned.


Dear Fairhope City Council: Recently several articles have been written in reference to Councilman Kevin Boone and the business connections he has through several LLC to individuals and engineering company Preble-Rish that are conflicts of…




Well if you read the wonderful Wednesday this week, BIT DOGS BARK FIRST – THE RIPP REPORT / BALDWIN COUNTY LEGAL EAGLE Well folks if you were watching football this last Monday night and have…


maybe he can remember now.


P.S. The good ole boy shadow government, aka Catalyst, is preparing on digging Tim Kant out of his hole to run in mid term election for Chris Elliott’s commissioner seat. They will be supporting Mr. Elliott for Sen. Pittman’s senate seat. Sure Jack, we all believe that the good ole boys do not exist and that the world is flat.

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  1. Freida Thompson | April 26, 2017 at 6:15 pm |

    Jack loves Jack.

    And he don’t know Jack!
    Hasn’t done Jack!
    Won’t do Jack!

    Do you know Jack?

  2. Chris Morrison | April 26, 2017 at 7:46 pm |

    Your article is full of untrue details!!
    Not 3.5 acres of wet land all land used for lift station and sewer pipes!
    Get out of our town with your lies and [email protected]@@ starting!
    You do not live here so stay out of our business!
    Stop slandering good people!

  3. What about the council cutting the Operations Director salary by 4 pay grades? Anyone see that? I had to stop the video and pause multiple times to catch it. Would probably have been near impossible to see live and in person. An accident, or passive aggressive action? I can’t imagine he’ll put up with that. Maybe that is their purpose.

    • And effectively doing that with the Director of Economic and Community Development. Council cut that department despite the fact that the department, for all practical purposes, is essentially the same as the prior Community and Rec. Department. Then telling the Director of Economic and Community Development to apply for the department head job in the prior Community and Rec. Department. If it was a salary issue, why not just tell the Mayor that the Director of Economic and Community Development would be dropped pay grades just like the Operations Director. Instead, it is the Council (i.e. 5 men who are essentially clones of each other – white, male, sport coats, similar socioeconomic backgrounds and “supposed” Christians) trying to exert unnecessary and pointless control over the female Mayor and another female department head through pretext. Mayor should be able to call a department whatever she wants to call it provided the name is within the realm of what the department does and provided the department functions in generally the same manner as the prior department did. Obviously you wouldn’t change a “Sewer and Garbage Department” to “The Candy Department”, but if you changed it to a “Waste Management Department” what difference does it make? Councils should challenge mayors; that is how checks and balances work, but these petty political games being played by the Council are what many people find upsetting.

  4. Am I missing something, or did Good Ole Boy (GOB) Jack never deny that he was a passenger on the Hix Snedeker plane? He said he did not go to the Masters not that he didn’t travel on their private plane. The Citizens of Fairhope deserve an answer to this very serious question.

  5. Burrell says there is no good ole boy network.

    I trust him.

  6. Sydney McCants | April 27, 2017 at 5:22 pm |

    Here is a connection: The mayor of Bay Minette is the attorney for the Fly Creek project. His campaign form shows he is a Catalyst client. Here is another connection: Elliott was a founder in the old Elliott, Haygood and Stacey firm that is today Catalyst. Elliott wants Trip Pittman’s old seat. I know but cannot name who will run for Elliot’s seat but that person is also a Catalyst client and his name is in the former name of Catalyst.
    The people who help run Catalyst other than Boone is connected with Belaton – who is Prebble Rish.
    Geez, the “network” is so well-developed that telling us it is not a network is like saying Earth is flat and up is down.

    • Interesting information!!

    • Can’t believe Catalyst is still in business and people would actually use this deplorable group. Speaks volumes for the candidate’s character. Guess we could look at the silver lining – if a client uses Catalyst we know who NOT to vote for…

  7. The city council has become an embarrassment. Are they not under investigation by the state already?

  8. Junior Pontiff | April 27, 2017 at 9:47 pm |

    Jack and Boone are toast. Fed Pen.

  9. I have watched the last City Council Meeting Video a couple of times and find the meeting disturbing ! Our City Attorney, Mr. Marion “Tut” Wynn’s behavior was one of the more disturbing incidents in the meeting. He owes the Mayor and the Citizens of Fairhope an apology. He was hired as the City Attorney for legal opinions and that is all he should add to the meeting. If he did not like what was being said or felt threatened then He could have taken that up with the Mayor after the meeting or the next day. You have been there way too long Mr. Wynn .

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