“They’re screwing us, Alabama. And telling us to like it.” – John Archibald

The Alabama Ethics Commission has become the facilitator for corruption in the state, they now want to expand on their role. They want to change existing Ethics laws which would allow things, illegal today, to become legal, all because of the Mike Hubbard conviction.

These changes send us backwards and turn a blind eye to elected officials using their elected office for personal gain. What is sad is who the sponsors of these changes are.

Please read the article linked and the links in the article. The Ethics Commission has held no one in Baldwin County accountable, despite the fact that dozens of complaints have been filed through the years. If the changes suggested to the Ethics law are approved then filing a legitimate complaint will be moot.

Fighting corruption in Alabama is painful; just ask this guy

Fighting corruption in Alabama is painful; just ask this guy

It’s about to get worse.

Source: www.al.com/opinion/index.ssf/2018/03/fighting_corruption_in_alabama.html

HB317: The ethics bill that just won’t die

HB317: The ethics bill that just won’t die

It’s the bad ethics bill that just won’t die. For most of the 2018 Legislative session, HB317 — a bill that would implant a broad exception into Alabama’s ethics laws to allow fulltime and part-time economic development professionals to not register as lobbyists — has been pushed down the throats of wary lawmakers. And it’s […]

Source: www.alreporter.com/2018/03/21/hb317-the-ethics-bill-that-just-wont-die/

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36 Comments on "“They’re screwing us, Alabama. And telling us to like it.” – John Archibald"

  1. Fedora Upton or "Fed Up" | March 23, 2018 at 6:13 pm |

    Corruption is winning this battle!! People in Alabama are not willing to speak up!!

    • Why would they?
      So their livelihood can be stolen……
      “The wind blew a deadbolt door open” says the officer

  2. Ole Faihoper | March 23, 2018 at 6:41 pm |

    Like I said before, the Ethics Commission looks after ethics like a prostitute looks after her virginity.

  3. Alabama’s christians are one ducked up bunch.

  4. Slippery Trip tried to pass his own water down bill. I think it failed.

    • Save Baldwin from Catakyst | March 23, 2018 at 8:59 pm |

      He was Catalyst until they threw him off Nader the bus. Now the Catalyst newsletter known as Baldwin Insider calls him Do nothing Tripp Pittman.
      My question. My ONLY question is “Tripp, what did you do to tick off the Catalyst bosses?” Did you not sell all of your soul to them and leave a small speck of your identity that they could not tolerate? You should have known that you must sell them all if you

  5. Who is in??? | March 23, 2018 at 9:11 pm |

    Let us speak up! Let us now start forming the largest group we can get & go as high as we need to go to get outside of Baldwin County AND Alabama – & overturn this corruption & our (what they call our Ethics Commission – what a joke) they do not even know what Ethics is!! Let us start now! We need to put together the masses immediately & stop talking about it & move forward. We now need to go for it!!!

    • Save Baldwin | March 24, 2018 at 9:21 am |

      I am. The single best things no we can do is to get the people to be aware and vote this June. Have them vote out the good ole boys. Many people are not aware of these people in office

    • Angeldremembered | March 24, 2018 at 6:51 pm |

      I say we take burrell down at all costs. I want his balls on a platter.

  6. Sick of Baldwin County!! | March 23, 2018 at 9:15 pm |

    I have a question – if a Judge seals something from the public that is Fraudulent – is he not just as liable as the ones that commintted the Fraud?

    • Fedora Upton or "Fed Up" | March 24, 2018 at 7:39 pm |

      Should be! He is even worse! He is suppose to know the law and he is abusing it!! Welcome to Alabama! He is using and abusing his position.

  7. Trip is a good man. He got okayed to take that bp money. He had done city work before.

    • Flouttng! You are really one stupid human being. Same as Trip Pittman! Lost your minds. Trip Pittman has screwed not just the BP thing, but many more. He got less than 7% of the vote from the entire state of Alabama when he ran for US Senate. Even Ray Charles can see that Trip Pittman has always been a complete failure. Makes Hubbard, Bentley, etc all look like rookies. Pittman and his buddy Tucker Dorsey are the worst politicians and people that we have!!!!

      • Trip be trippin. Time for him to run for something before his star loses its shine.

        • Only Trip Pittman’s bank account is shinning. That sorryass has never had any shine!!! He lives under a dark cloud and every week, he still shows off his stupidity with all these ridiculous gas chamber bills and ethics bill. Take money and make stuff up and do no good. Damn, that sounds just like Tucker Dorsey, his ole time buddy. This is all just sad!

    • So are Senators Tim Kaine D-Virginia and Senator Leahy D-Vermont. They have that look like they enjoy little boys or something? Damned if I know what’s wrong with these MF’s. They can’t seem to get along with adults. Just like Alabama politicians. They are all up to no good. Feel sorry for their dumbasses. What good has any politician done in this area. One might say one has stuck up for the military. That’s only because it’s the only thing he will shoot is all straight about. Hell, I can brag about Austal. Even my Labrador can get the funding that’s been got. No body from Alabama damn sure can take responsibility for that. It was all Trump and you didn’t know if this politician or others were bragging or boasting, but you sure know them sob’s publicly defied Trump and has so from time to time even if they don’t want to admit it. All you sob’s lie with the best of them! Dammit, we are tired of this crap. How much are some of you costing us by the way. You are going in the hole to accomplish what my dog can do.

  8. Daniel Boone | March 24, 2018 at 7:15 am |

    Catalyst is on the run, Ripp! They are on the run! Poor it on! Poor it on, mate!

    • Ha they won’t gio that easy. The best thing one can do is to ask the candidates. WHY they are using that group. I asked one candidate and he squirmed.

    • How do we donate to the ripp report?

      • There is now a donate button on the bottom right of the sidebar on the desktop. On mobile, it is at the bottom of the page.

  9. Action Jackson | March 25, 2018 at 5:17 am |

    So much fail at the soccer fields. Please audit every penny spent on that embarrassment!

  10. Claudia Stiffer | March 25, 2018 at 5:55 am |

    One thing I have noticed lately from the Fairhope “blue blood” crowd–those who think their “sh*t” don’t stink–is that the new mayor is “crazy” and we need to get rid of her!

    What is wrong with you people? We got rid of Tim Kant and you want to go back? Y’all are like the dysfunctional wife who gets beat by her husband and keeps taking him back after he goes to jail!!! Jesus H. Christ wake up! Our city is now considered “has been.” Ask around. Our best days are behind us thanks to the goobs.

  11. Time. To recruit candidates.

    Boone and Conyers are not running for reelection.

    Brown is schizo. Easy to see he is on the dole. Fake christian.

    Jay twinkletoes Robinson is considering options.

    Jack is a shell of his former redneck self. Primed for a takedown by the citizens.

    • Is his true that Conners is not running? He was new and showed promise

      • Here is the best guess right now:
        Burrell is hardest to read. His day job isn’t helped by his council job. He may even run for mayor if he is in range to retire from his day job. (I doubt he is)
        He may be fed up. He may be itching to continue his fight. Hard to read for me.

        Boone should make more money the more they build roads and driveways and such. He doesn’t even need to win a contract. If his competition wins then they are too busy to bid against him on something else. He doesn’t seem too bothered by the bickering. Right now I say he runs again.

        Brown is a home builder. Same as Boone. If enough houses are built in Fairhope he’ll get his share. He doesn’t seem bothered by the bickering either. He may be tired of it all and be one and done but I say he runs again,.

        Conyers’ day job isn’t helped much by development. Last meeting he sounded like he thought (rightly or wrongly) that things were getting “better”.
        If they get better he may stay, if they don’t he’s likely one and done.

        Robinson isn’t helped by development. Most lawyers seem itching to cram as many billable hours as they can into each week so his council job should hurt how much he makes unless he’s not very busy. He still has time to bill a pot full of hours so I think he’s a bit different and will run again.
        Of course a lot can change in 2 1/2 years.
        And yes the Mayor will run again and beat Kant or a stand-in. All she needs to do is keep it toned down.
        I would appreciate it if all the players would skip the drama. We need work horses, not show horses.

        • Does not compute – at least not for me.
          Conners is in banking. More houses mean more mortgages. More houses mean more people needing bank accounts. Not knocking his job but development means more money for him.

          • OK. I agree the more growth means more opportunity in banking (and law for that matter). I will restate that Boone and Brown clearly benefit from development, Conyers and Robinson benefit in that more people mean more general business. Burrell is the only one whose day job doesn’t benefit from development. I am not saying development is bad. Let’s slow it down some, keep the high rises out, and go slow on chopping down mature trees. Burrell sounded like a big environmentalist last night. If they sell a big chunk of the airport land ……

            • I agree that we must control and slow down the out of control development. I hope that these people on the council cyst have let the developers run wild either step down or get replaced.

        • The Ripp Report | March 27, 2018 at 11:13 am |

          My Opinion TODAY, It is a long time,two and half years till the next election. Burrell and Boone made terrible decisions in the last administration that are impacting us now. Sewer, infrastructure,Fly Creek, soccer fields and the triangle. Jack’s Airport shenanigans will do him in. Be sure to watch his new deal. He and Boone also had to “Settle” the triangle lawsuit, since then they have tried to portray the “settlement” as a purchase for a park, total bs. Burrell will not win re-election Boone I understand is standing down.

          Brown will be lucky to serve his whole term.

          Conyers may not run again, The biggest reason being his job and conflicts.

          Robinson may be the lone survivor

          The Mayor will be re elected, if she seeks another term. One way or another she will have transformed Fairhope to a more transparent Government. Her hires far exceed the previous administration. Corruption will be reduced because she broke the Fairhope connection to the good ole boys, that’s why they are fighting so hard to regain control of Fairhope.

          • I sooooo hope you are right. These guys have done so much damage

          • Save Baldwin | March 27, 2018 at 7:14 pm |

            What do you think of the county-wide elections?

          • Kant will retake the city. Jack reelected. Trip Pittman for governor.

            • Are you wishing or predicting ? If you are predicting I say you are for sure off on 2/3 and the other one is 50-50. Ripp sounds close to my best guess but he also sounds like he is wishing unless people have been hearing stuff and passing it on to him. Well like he says it’s 2/12 years from now. Some of us might be in the nursing home…or worse.

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