Two of 5 council seats had no opposition, Place 3, Jimmy Conyers, the best one of the last council will serve 4 more years. Place 2, Cory Martin, the first African American to be elected to council, he had no opposition. Congratulations to both. That leaves the infamous three B’s, Burrell, Boone and Brown trying to convince everyone that they are better than slice bread. Each one of them has used his office for personal gain.


In response to Councilman Brown about his position on the Waterfront,,95207 Leslie Callies Hollis This was my comment to Robert Brown weeks ago on this subject : Robert, you and many others may not like my comment. But I am going to say it anyway. The public bay front has evolved and seen many changes over the course of my lifetime- If I had time, I would lay out a timetable for you to see the changes and how they evolved for the public to enjoy.


Please vote today. JERRY CARL. Mr. Carl’s opposition is CATALYST and CATALYST home base is Fairhope. JERRY CARL for the First Congressional District. The Fairhope three B’s are rooting for the CATALYST candidate “Lowtower” Don’t get stung Baldwin County. Fairhope municipal election qualifications has 7 days left, July 21. Two very important seats have yet to be challenged, Jack Burrell and Robert Brown. There are people that are considering running against them, however, they have not committed as yet.


Fairhope is closing in on another municipal election so get ready for CATALYST and the ill informed to try and convince voters that they know best. The latest issue is the plan for the waterfront, pier and parks at the bay. The funding comes from the BP oil spill in 2010. The cycle for funding and approval took years and grants were very specific outlining the scope of work. The last three years the waterfront project has been on the table.


It is no secret that the Fairhope City Council is CATALYST through and through. It is also well documented that the council opposes, procrastinates or just refuses anything the Mayor may propose. Even projects that have been previously endorsed by the council, are delayed or canceled by the council. After 3 and half years, The Fairhope Waterfront Project is finally on the drawing board. This $6.2 million project has had a wealth of planning and public participation.


Well after a few weeks rest from Chucky Cheese and his creative articles, gleamed from information provided by Mr Jack Burrell, Catalyst and Robert Brown, Chucky has delivered another non article. Fairhope Financial Advisory Committee at standstill Fairhope Financial Advisory Committee at standstill Fairhope’s Financial Advisory Committee is currently at a standstill, as FAC Chairman Chuck Zunk said recent actions taken by Mayor Karin Wilson could make it difficult, if not impossible, for …


The Fairhope Jester supports the Kant-Corte Apartments on Fly Creek, at the same time he is building his own home on Fly Creek. Surely you jest! The Jester supports the developer, who is responsible for the damage to the creek from the Publix project. The same developer is now building 230 apartments next to the creek. Jester neighbors are not going to be laughing. It has been reported to The Ripp Report that the Jester is also spinning the Ethics Complaint against him.


Catalyst is a political cancer found in Baldwin County. It hand picks political candidates. Catalyst was formally Stacy Elliott and Haygood, the birth of the cancer, that morphed into Catalyst when Mr. Chris Elliott became a county commissioner and Haygood became the Mayor of Daphne. Catalyst represents the old guard or good ole boys. They carefully “select” candidates to represent their interests and place them in as many different races as possible.


Well it seems Mr. Jack Burrell is now worried about the accountability of school funds donated by the city, approximately $350,000 a year. He is demanding accountability or he no longer will support school funds for Fairhope. Strange he never demanded accountability for the $500,000 the Airport gets for the less than 1% of the population. He made sure that when the appropriation was reduced to $350,000, that it covered the mortgage payment and that the Airport held the mortgage, not the city.


The Public Doctrine: Our government is a democracy which means the “people rule.” At this time in our democracy it seems there are less people involved, which results in a serious challenge to the system, as politicians love it when the people “forget to rule” and are allowed to operate with impunity. The Public Doctrine is the often forgotten tenet that elected public officials are held to a slightly higher standard when it comes to scrutiny of their actions on behalf of the public.