Instead of a lot of links and dialog, this Freaky Friday is going to feature a portion of lasts nights Fairhope City Council Meeting: The City Attorney is appointed by the City Council as is the Municipal Judge. Replace the Council and you can reappoint a new City Attorney and Municipal Judge, that are not CATALYST. The McSharry case is corruption staring you in the face. Ask yourself what if this was your daughter, sister, mother or friend that was assaulted?


The Ripp Report has written about CATALYST for years. We have filed numerous complaints with the Attorney General involving political corruption and have received no reply. It seems that political corruption is not as important as the sewer violations. It is also interesting that all the complaints about Fly Creek and Publix were ignored by ADEM, Alabama Department of Environmental Management, aka Alabama Department of Environmental Maniacs, years ago. State files suit against city of Fairhope for sewage deficiencies - Lagniappe Mobile State files suit against city of Fairhope for sewage deficiencies - Lagniappe Mobile The Alabama Department of Environmental Management and Attorney General Steve Marshall filed suit against the city of Fairhope Friday, alleging it violated several permit requirements for reporting and discharging pollutants from its wastewater treatment plant for a five-year period between April 2015 and April 2020.


How many people remember Sen Tripp Pittman and his theft of BP money to the tune of $750,000 dollars? How many people remember our new Senator, Chris Elliott, and his DUI charge? How many remember former Mayor Cant and his misuse of FEMA funds? How about Councilman Robert Brown and his inside deal with the Fairhope Art Center? Or Jack Burrell and his bid rigging? All of the above escaped any responsibility for their actions and guess what?


Everyone in Baldwin County should be aware of CATALYST. They are a powerful, mostly secret, political group that represent the Status Quo, the good ole boys. Good ole boys exist in many places however in Baldwin County they have been bold enough to adopt the title of CATALYST. In 2018, mid-term elections, CATALYST almost pulled off the perfect political coup. CATALYST ran candidates for almost every Baldwin County race. If it had not been for several social media sources and Lagniappe informing the public what was going on, CATALYST would have had control of Baldwin County Government.


Is it just a coincidence that Fairhope City Council canceled public participation at the same time that justice slipped through the cracks? CATALYST PARTY CATALYST PARTY | THE RIPP REPORT / BALDWIN COUNTY LEGAL EAGLE The last Fairhope’s City Council meeting was only 30 minutes, maybe the shortest meeting on record. A short meeting, however some very interesting subjects. To save you a little time check in at 12: Source: rippreport.


A good example of Baldwin County incompetence, political interference, lack of ethics, CATALYST, corruption and judicial failure, is all exposed in one incident, the McSharry assault case. JUDICIAL TRICK JUDICIAL TRICK | THE RIPP REPORT / BALDWIN COUNTY LEGAL EAGLE Baldwin County has had a reputation of judicial malfeasance, trickery and out right corruption. Citizens read about it in Lagniappe or on line however nothing changes. Some Judges and lawyers feel…


Fairhope restaurateur found guilty of assault - Lagniappe Mobile Fairhope restaurateur found guilty of assault - Lagniappe Mobile A well known Fairhope businessman was found guilty of public intoxication and third-degree assault earlier this month after an incident at a bar late last year. Ronan McSharry, owner of McSharry’s Irish Pub, was sentenced to 180 days in jail, but credited for two months already served in a rehabilitation facility, according to municipal court …


Get ready, Fairhope Catalyst Council is making their move to capture the Fairhope general election. Everything and anything in Fairhope is connected to politics. I have said more than once that the major negative in Fairhope is the politics. Last week The Ripp Report was the only source of information that reported on the arrest of Ronan McSharry. In court the defense attorney made the incident political by raising questions about the Mayor.


The Fairhope City Council has bullied the Mayor at Council meetings and other public venues. The first council meetings of this council’s term, were disgraceful. The “leadership” of the bulling was headed by Council President Jack Burrell, who refuses to share the Council President chair, and is supported by Councilmen Boone and Brown. Councilmen Conyers and Robinson were mute, but complicit. Bulling, intimidation, and victimization are one in the same. Intimidation is a major weapon in the Baldwin County political and judicial arena and some “men” find women an easy target.


FAIRHOPE THE GOOD Fairhope has come a long way in the last 2 and ½ years. Infrastructure, sewer problems and planning and zoning all have gotten the attention of the new administration. The employees, supervisors and city staff are the best qualified personal the city has ever employed. These accomplishments did not come easy and did not come with any assistance of the Catalyst Council, who has yet to accomplish anything significant.