Instead of a lot of links and dialog, this Freaky Friday is going to feature a portion of lasts nights Fairhope City Council Meeting:

The City Attorney is appointed by the City Council as is the Municipal Judge. Replace the Council and you can reappoint a new City Attorney and Municipal Judge, that are not CATALYST.

The McSharry case is corruption staring you in the face. Ask yourself what if this was your daughter, sister, mother or friend that was assaulted?

The City Attorney, failed, numerous times, in error or purpose, to defend the victim.

He should be fired. The city will be lucky if they are not sued for the way this case has been handled.

After the bully council is lectured about their treatment of women, Councilman Boone, aka llc. Boone, starts yelling at the Mayor and demanding Councilman Burrell immediately adjourn the meeting, which he did. Burrell cut off the Mayor’s comments after he had just pledged to her “she would be given the opportunity to speak.”

I hope every woman in Baldwin County sees this video. This is CATALYST and what they stand for, THEMSELVES. Men that treat women like this are not men, but cowards.

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