The most important race in Baldwin County is District two. This commission seat is being sought after by three candidates, Steve Carney, Jonathan Armstrong and Matt McKenzie.


Steve Carney ran for Mayor of Daphne, he lost because he was the Catalyst candidate. You would think Mr. Carney would have learned to be careful who his bed fellows are. Now Mr Carey is running for commission seat and is backed by Catalyst and Tucker Dorsey. Tucker Dorsey is one of the worst county commissioners in Baldwin County history.

Catalyst a shadow political group is responsible to only, the good ole boys. Catalyst maintains a strangle hold on Baldwin County politics. Dorsey was, and probably still is, a chronic lair, remember Baldwin County Sewer or the Strawman? The county voters finally thew him out of office.

Steve would be the ear for Tucker and the worst choice. Steve needs to be put to pasture with Tucker.

‘Straw man’ Lawsuit Reveals Complex Baldwin Business Partnerships

Johnathan Armstrong, who is running buddies of Commissioner Jeb Ball. Armstrong also shares a business interest with Mr Ball, Baldwin Substance Abuse Services Inc. BSAS If Mr Armstrong was to win, he and Ball would have a 50% lock vote on the commission. Not only that, they both would be getting two checks a month through the county. Their positions with BSAS makes them Quasi-employees of the county.

BSAS survives by citizens being arrested. Think about that ! they want to be commissioners and serve the people while at the same time their pay check depends on the same people being arrested.

Both Armstrong and Ball, being commissioners and principals of BSAS, creates a huge conflict of interest. They work for Judges and depend and defend the police who produce “clients” for BSAS. As commissioners they would have to recuse themselves from voting on any police matters.

BSAS is a brainchild of judges. It is a cottage industry monetized by police and judges.

Where is the Money?

Have any BSAS funds been used by Ball and Armstrong for their election?

Have any funds been transferred to dark money accounts that return as campaign contributions?

These are just a few questions that point out conflicts that may exist.

A tremendous amount of money flows through BSAS, with little or no public accounting, another conflict.

What about the cozy relationship Armstrong and Ball have with the sheriff office and police?

They would have to be bias, the police are making arrests and the judges are sending those arrested to BSAS. BSAS is a cottage industry that provides Ball and Armstrong a healthy check. It seems to be a position of perpetuity. No bids, no accountability and the quarantined protection of Judges and police.

BSAS was founded through the District Attorney’s office in 2007. Mr. Ball was “selected” to run the non-profit. His father played a key role in his “selection”. BSAS is a no bid contract that Armstrong and Ball enjoy without being elected, nor have they had to worry about any public bid, they have it locked up. The whole thing stinks to high heaven and serves no effective purpose other than providing Ball and Armstrong a check.

Armstrong and Ball as commissioners will be voting hand in hand, that is a 50% lock on the commission. That is counterproductive to Baldwin County citizens, however extremely useful

to Catalyst and their goal of control over politics in the county.

Jeb Ball has enjoyed a double paycheck for the last 4 years, now Armstrong wants two checks.

Johnathan Armstrong would be a terrible choice and tantamount to voters shooting themselves in the foot.,51284

In 2007, Ball started Baldwin Substance Abuse Services Inc. (BSAS), a company certified by the Administrative Office of Courts to provide court-ordered Level 1, Level 2 and educational classes involving drug or alcohol related crimes. BSAS also provides anger management and life skills classes if deemed necessary by the judge


Mr Ball is the director of Baldwin County Substance Abuse, BCSA, this infamous LLC was formed by Judges and Lawyers. He is a Catalyst candidate “selected” to replace Burt. BCSA was founded by Judge Michell Thomason, among others, she also was the first client of Catalyst after their name change from Elliott Haygood and Stacy, those names should sound familiar. Many are asking if Mr. Ball was successful in defeating Mr Burt, would he resign from BCSA. Many conflicts of interest are apparent but hell this is Baldwin County what’s a little conflict of interest if it serves the connected few?

The third candidate and the ONLY candidate without political baggage is Matt Mckenzie.

Matt does not have Catalyst, the old guard, Tucker the -ucker or the guarantee of two pay checks as an incentive.

Matt is what we need to clean up Baldwin County politics. He will come in as a fresh face and most important an independent vote. Free of Catalyst.

This may be the most important commissioner’s race in the last 20 years. Please do not make a mistake, SUPPORT AND VOTE FOR MATT McKENZIE.


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  1. Undertaker | May 17, 2022 at 12:44 pm |

    Take back the LIES about Jeb Ball! He is a fine Christian man. All the other commission folks have private jobs. Ripp you are a sad little man. No one has ever gone to jail because of you. Get a life

    • Francis Ripp | May 17, 2022 at 7:16 pm |

      Private jobs is one thing they are collecting two checks basically from the same entity. Christian has nothing to do with it

    • Real Christians don't flaunt it | May 18, 2022 at 7:55 pm |

      I get so sick of you hypocrites calling your stooges “Christian.” They are NOT Christian. They are hypocrites posing as Christians to get the vote. If they had any shame that a true Christian would have, they would not be wearing the “Christian” badge like an advertisement. The people are catching onto these hypocrites.
      They say they love Jesus, but they really love money and power while they would sell their own mother for the next buck.

  2. Justthefacts | May 17, 2022 at 4:40 pm |

    The fact that you can’t even spell the guy’s name correctly (“Carney”) leads me to believe that your research is flawed.

  3. Angel Remembered | May 18, 2022 at 5:51 am |

    Jon Armstrong is straight cat list. Thanks. You weep what you sew.

  4. Catalyst is Evil | May 18, 2022 at 2:37 pm |

    Ball does not have the sense to make up his own mind. But this is ok. He has his puppet masters in Catalyst / SCB telling him what to do

  5. Avg. Joe Bob | May 19, 2022 at 7:39 am |

    Ball has brought great leadership to the commission. He and the tax man have done more dirty deals than Tucker and yes they are all double dippers. They all have contracts off the books with the county and other municipalities. No one cares about the corruption. I guess except you and me Ripp.

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