Baldwin County needs more representation on the county commission. People will say “just more talking heads.” The population of the county is topping 250,000 and the county only has 4 commissioners. The Commission should be an odd number so as to never tie or have a possible deadlock in voting on issues.

Currently only four commissioners represent the entire county. With only four people voting a chance of a deadlock, split vote, is high. A split vote usually results in each commissioner getting in their trenches and nothing being accomplished.

Remember the terrible duo, Commissioners Chris Elliott and Tucker Dorsey? They formed a block vote of two. They had prior meetings before being sworn into office. So the first day they could fire staff. Many of those staff had told Sen. Trip Pittman they would report him if he took any BP contracts during the oil spill of 2010. Pittman took the contracts and Elliott and Tucker covered for him. Pittman finally resigned only for us to inherit Chris Elliott, who is unopposed and should be deposed. Tucker Dorsey was voted out of office, thank god, and is rumored, still in the sewer business, how appropriate.

Baldwin County is about to make the same damn mistake. Jeb Ball and Johnathan Armstrong as commissioners on a panel of four, will be a huge mistake.

Steve Carey is the third candidate and he is Tucker and Catalyst’s boy. However don’t be distracted, Catalyst and the good ole boys will be just as happy with Armstrong. Either way a block vote will be formed, that is the plan, and Baldwin County will suffer for four more years.

District two needs someone that does not have so much baggage, is independent and avoids the block vote. Matt has pledged to work full time as a commissioner. Ball and Armstrong will be working part-time because they have a second paycheck with government. Matt McKenzie should get your vote. He IS the best choice.