Baldwin County, especially Fairhope has been run by a shadow government, for many years. Good ole boys that only answer to each other, all connected by the bond to rule within. Call it Catalyst or Gumbo, referred to as the South Baldwin arm of Catalyst. Gumbo convinced Jeff Boyd to throw David Northcutt under the bus, after he had spent weeks telling us what a poor choice Elliott was. Elliott was the choice of CATAYST, the Shadow Government.

Fairhope is the home base of Catalyst, a shadow government that has tried every trick possible to remove the Mayor and take over by use of obstruction, rumor and slanted information.

I respect Chief Pettis and have known him for years. He has always treated me with respect as he does everyone. What the SHADOW GOVERNMENT, CATALYST did to the Chief, to support their agenda, was disrespectful and played on the Chief’s personal family issues, to boost their agenda.



The Fairhope’s political Zoo is alive and well. Their is a full blown blast from the past party going on. The party goers are former City Council persons, Catalyst Council persons, three bees, fired…


The Ripp Report receives many e-mails, text’s and face book messages each week, this is an example of two, you make up your mind. I can see the shadow.

Listen to the Chief: Fairhope Police Chief Retires.

Now read the comment:

~ On Chief’s Retirement

Know what I found interesting? As I listened to Lorie DeBias’ interview with the Chief, he broke the news that he was retiring. His words were very revealing.
Lorie asked him if he had actually talked to Mayor Wilson and let her know he was retiring. He told Lorie – no- but went on to say he had told Tim and the council members, and that Tim and the council members understood his decision. REALLY????
That shows right there his insubordination, disregard for the office, regardless of who was elected.
It shows me that even to the end, the Chief was undermining her authority and was very passive aggressive in doing so.
She even brought it up that dramatic night that no one attempted to communicate with her. They do not want to.
If you avoid giving someone the information they need to make improvements to a department, or buck the changes implemented by your superior; you are causing conflicts.
I also think that deep down the Chief knows that his participation in that last farce was wrong on many levels. He was used. He was planning on retiring anyway. Tim’s Little gang of misfits found themselves someone easy to manipulate and use as their poster boy. And they did!
Back to that interview with Lorie DeBias, I started laughing. Wish I could take his deposition, I could punch holes through his original story of “ I’ve been harassed and mistreated”. It seems that a group was involved in harrassing the Mayor and are intent to continue it.

The Chief still does not realize that TIM IS NO LONGER THE MAYOR and he does NOT report to him or anyone on that council.

And, that my friends was the problem and his downfall! And, it was the downfall of the cheerleaders standing behind him that night!

They all went down due to their own demise. You see, some folks just like drama and the gossip mill. Apparently it was more fun to run and tell Tim the inside scoop that just doing their job. None of them realize that Tim was no longer in charge, and they just couldn’t get over it. Kind of like Hillary. Maybe Tim and Hillary could hold hands and go for a walk in the woods.

If you work for government, you have to understand that the politics are a fact of life and the person who wins the election has EVERY LEGAL right to hire and fire, and choose those that he or she wishes to represent the platform on which he or she ran.
This group has shown us every step of the way that they behaved poorly when this women took office. They played games with her, goaded her, undermined her authority, tried to embarrass her, and continued to report to Tim as if he were Mayor. They should have accepted and tried to work with her. After all, until they showed their true agenda, she was willing to keep them all, even when she had no obligation to do so.
One of Mayor Wilson’s issues was transparency and ending the corruption. Apparently, they didn’t want her in their playhouse.
And after listening carefully today, I was convinced more than ever that these folks are a huge part of the stain that is now on our City. All of them from the GCN reporter, the radio lady with the deep voice, the Council and department heads. While they may not like Mayor Wilson, they should respect the majority who voted Tim out and her in.
If you listen long enough, the truth does eventually come out.

Thank you for listening to my point of view. Not all will like it, but it is completely acceptable to have an opinion that differs from someone else’s.

Thank You.

I disagree about the “department Heads” being included with the misfits. All of the department heads support the Mayor and each has received push back by the Council. The department heads today are far more qualified, experienced and competent, than anytime in Fairhope’s past.

Fairhope police chief announces Aug. 10 retirement

Let’s not leave out the Catalyst media outlet:



I had major surgery June 20th and it took a full week of some serious pain medication to come back to earth. In fact it took 8 days to totally rid myself of wild dreams and hallucinations. One real…


Second Comment:

A Plea to Alabama Conservatives:
“What do you have to lose?”
By Anonymous
August 3, 2018

Dear Mr. Ripp:
I read your site on the regular and wanted to write in to your many readers. I am a long-time Baldwin County resident.

To all of you conservatives out there: To borrow a phrase from President Trump (who is not really a republican):

“What do you have to lose?”

What exactly motivates you to vote for Alabama republicans?

What exactly is lost when and if you vote for a democrat over a republican?

Would it possibly be more useless, hypocritical candidates like Robert Bentley, “The Luv Guv”?

Recall the former pastor admonishing the electorate during his inaugural address: “If you are not a Christian, you are not my brother, and…I don’t want you.” This is not what Jesus said to do.

Many of you have grandparents who “only voted Democrat.”
Ask yourself a question: “Were they bad people?”

Please consider voting for democrats Walt Maddox and Jason Fisher.

Chris Elliott is corrupted by the ill-fated machine that runs Montgomery. This is the same machine that has repeatedly put its own special pecuniary interests over the common interests of the people.

Thank you Mr. Ripp.



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34 Comments on "SHADOW GOVERNMENT"

  1. Baldwin County Republican | August 3, 2018 at 11:42 am |

    I am a Baldwin County Republican and proud of it. Unfortunately, my party has been hijacked and stolen from me. I remember campaigning for candidates back in 1976. Once the Baldwin County Republican Party stood for limited government, honesty, and accountability to the people. Today, it is a small group of insiders being funded by real estate developers and special interests making backroom deals in the shadows while they make pictures of themselves standing in front of churches with Bibles in their hands. They are hypocrites and the people are finding out.
    I see in particular two Democrats that will make better elected officials than what the “machine,” or Catalyst is putting up on the hijacked Republican ticket. I am going to be proud in crossing the ballot this November and I am encouraging others to do the same. Until this cancer known as Catalyst is purged from my Republican Party, I will spread the news and about any candidate who is a Catalyst. Furthermore, I will challenge any Catalyst in public as to why they are using this outfit to do their bidding.
    I too remember when Catalyst was just Stacey’s father and he was working to get a Democrat elected back in he 1970’s. See? Catalyst is just hiding behind the Republican brand at present. Like the Devil, it morphs into different forms. Its goal is to get its puppets in power and make money off the growth here in the County at the expense of future generations.

    • Perry Franks | August 4, 2018 at 8:23 am |

      I am a republican. Disgusted with Elliot. He is no Christian aNd he has fueled the growth with his real estate buddies. Gonna be a tough choice. I want to hear from Fisher.

      • The more you hear about Fisher the more yiu will be amazed

        • Clara Voyant | August 7, 2018 at 2:11 pm |

          Fishers wife died.

          • Fisher is raising his child without the mother. THIS IS CHRISTIAN BEHAVIOR. Posing for a picture in front of a church is hypocrite behavior.
            Fisher has my vote based on what he is doing. Widows and orphans over drinks and crooks
            Take heed, Catalyst. We are coming after you and will get your crooks out of office. It has started and will continue until you guys are just a bunch of former politicians that sold your souls, bought, paid for, and voted out of office

  2. Dang Ripp you really have it in for these Catalysts. What did they ever do to you?

  3. What has the FBI been doing in Fairhope for the past several months?

  4. Oh come on, Catalyst is just a catalyst nsulting group and they do win. If I were running I would use them so I could win

    • Be careful you have no morals and you are certainly not a true Christian. So go run as a Catalyst. You will be seen as a very dishonest and terrible person who could give 2 shits about the citizens of Baldwin County. Only for the select few which we are flushing them out everyday and eventually we will run their office down their throats and never elect them again. It’s easy! It’s called being good people and sticking together and having faith. We will run out the Catalyst! I promise you that!!! Hey Eddie Tyler, whatcha thinking about. There are way more of us good people than Catalyst!!!!!

  5. Gloria Allread | August 4, 2018 at 7:11 am |

    Kant is running again. Book it. Get ready for a rematch. Kant versus Karin.
    Just like Trump versus Hillary, except the woman is not the corrupt one this time.
    Let’s send Kant to the cellar. Karin 2020.

  6. Fairhope PD is sadly now totally corrupt! Ten years ago it wasn’t. This fact has nothing to do with our current mayor! It’s a good thing that chief is retiring. Then entire force needs to be replaced! All that’s in there now are a bunch of lying perverts with zero education nor knowledge of the law!

    • The cops are necessary.
      Dope at airport cover.

      • Fairhope cops are money makers for the city. Ticketing drivers, fining lawbreakers, and now they are talking about fining and jailing people who put yard signs out. What a joke. Don’t have them fight REAL crime but just the easy ones that bring in money
        Even Barney Fife has a conscious

        • ROCK CREEK | August 5, 2018 at 6:41 pm |

          vote district representatives for a FAIR HOPE

          • You folks in Rock Creek and Woodlands and Sandy Ford are just a bunch of suburbanites in an overpriced bedroom community just waiting to be taxed and overgoverned
            You guys are too busy holding dinner parties, running kids to practice, and paying your mortgage to get involved in city politics let alone vote

  7. Poor Chief | August 5, 2018 at 4:05 pm |

    I have know the chief for a very long time. Is he a good person? I would have to say, pretty good. Is he a smart person? Not very bright, but tries. Has he shown his ignorance to the entire Fairhope Community? MOST DEFINITELY!!!!! Just another stupidass Blackman that let Jack Burrell use him in the worse way. We cannot let Jack Burrell think that we are all slaves working for him. Just because Boone is about dumb as a rock doesn’t make things any better. These Pricks have made fools of a bunch of the citizens of Fairhope and it will be stopped! That’s a solid promise you can take to the bank. Wake up dumbass assess of Fairhope. The Council treated the Chief of Police like a ni$$er. What makes you think they are not treating the people of this town the same way!!!! And the Chief and his entire family let them do it. Damn Chief. Have some pride. They made a fool of you and anyone that couldn’t see that is just as ignorant as the Chief is!!!

  8. Leopold Small | August 5, 2018 at 4:26 pm |

    Where is the big airport deal burrell bragged about nailing down?
    Any progress? We’re paying 300k per yearfor the authority. How much of that goes in Burrell’s pocket?

  9. There was a Republican meeting this weekend. Some of the party bosses are concerned that the people are finding out it has been hijacked by Catalyst. Even Hoyt, a big time Catalyst, is giving it thought. Watch Catalyst change it’s name but it won’t matter. Wherever the big bucks go, wherever the good ole boys gather, and Boone is attached, that will be Catalyst or whatever name they try to hide behind

    • They should be concerned. This machine has alienated many Center people
      When I see Elliott and then see Fisher, Fisher is the better man despite him being a Democrat

  10. This page is full of lies. Like that fake pokice report you claim is Burrell’s.

  11. Justin Baldwin | August 7, 2018 at 10:34 pm |

    Justin here… re: my comment about the department heads
    I was referring to the Past department heads who were standing behind the Chief that night at the City Council meeting. Each one of them went down due to their own demise. They continued to report to Tim and undermine Mayor Wilson, be passive aggressive, sneaky and disrespectful of her ideas and authority. As I explained, that radio interview told the tell.
    Anyone can see through that, if they are being honest with themselves.
    Thanks for reprinting my thoughts- even if I am not a writer.

    • Georgia Orwell | August 8, 2018 at 12:08 pm |

      I feel sorry for the police chief. He has been used by the Council, primarily Burrell I’m sure, for their own selfish interests. He ended up being viewed as a fool by everyone who is aware of what has transpired. Sure, it’s his own fault, but the City will be better off with new blood now that he is no longer respected. I do wish him well in his retirement….he seems like a nice guy.

  12. Not much reporting by anymore. It scares me. Most folks don’t even talk politics much less vote in elections anymore. When 14 percent voting controls it for the rest of us sitting around knitting and smelling farts and drinking it is time to move.

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