I had major surgery June 20th and it took a full week of some serious pain medication to come back to earth. In fact it took 8 days to totally rid myself of wild dreams and hallucinations.

One real bad hallucination was that Chuckee Cheeze, the editor of tabloid news and media outlet for Catalyst, received an award for Freedom of information requests and First Amendment Rights.

Courier wins Freedom of Information - First Amendment award for Fairhope reporting

Courier wins Freedom of Information - First Amendment award for Fairhope reporting

The Courier has won the Alabama Press Association’s prestigious Freedom of Information - First Amendment Award for its reporting on the city of Fairhope. Managing Editor Cliff McCollum won the …

Source: www.gulfcoastnewstoday.com/the-courier/stories/courier-wins-freedom-of-information-first-amendment-award-for-fairhope-reporting,65005

The Alabama Press Association awarded Chuckee the award for an article that turned out to be bogus. All allegations Chuckee listed turned out not to hold any water. In fact Chuckee has written numerous articles about the Fairhope and the Mayor and every damn article has fallen on it’s face. That does not matter, what matters, is that Chuckee is the official print media representative of Catalyst.


April fools joke? No sadly this is how journalism is portrayed in Baldwin County. We have no print media coverage on the eastern shore, only bad tabloid news. Baldwin County has had some very good…

Source: rippreport.com/2018/04/04/chuckie-cheeze/

One thing Chuckee loves to do while practicing journalism and attacking Fairhope and the Mayor is to call Fairhope City Hall for an official comment on his article’s. Problem is, he calls 10 minutes before publication, then he reports the Mayor had no comment.

Part of the award was for freedom of information request he made from Fairhope. When I heard this I knew I was hallucinating. Chuckee has been provided information on many topics of corruption in Fairhope, by the Ripp Report, and he never attempted to research any of them. A closer look reveals that the persons in question were all Catalyst.

What about the information Chuckee received from Catalyst members and City Council persons that was not public information, received through back doors, not through FOIA requests? Information he received that supported his spin for the day, provided by Catalyst to support Catalyst.

The Ripp Report has obtained thousands of documents, over the last 12 years, through FOIA requests, never have we accepted information passed through the back door of Council Chambers.

The second part of Chuckee’s award had to do with your Constitutional Right of Free Speech.


The Fairhope Courier was a fixture in Fairhope, part of the city’s history, when it was sold to tabloid news and moved from Fairhope, it became simply The Courier. Chuckee is a disgrace to journalism and the Alabama Press Association needs to vet it’s awards more closely.

What do all these subjects have in common?

Sherry Sullivian, Jenniffer Fiddler, Pandora Heathcoat, Jack Burrell and the Fairhope Airport, Robert Brown and his sweetheart deal with The Fairhope Art Center, Kevin Boone and his many llc’s, Jack Burrell police record and pending Federal lawsuit centered around Freedom of Speech. Fairhope City Council members sharing confidential information with Catalyst. CATALYST

Chuckee never touches anything that may shine a bad light on Catalyst and all the above involve Catalyst.

The Courier, which is the Catalyst media outlet, supported only Catalyst candidates in the 2018 primary and run-off.

Only in Alabama can you receive a Press award for a bogus story. That was not enough for Chuckee he had to add insult to injury when he accepted the award and said:

“These stories, like all of the stories we work on across our newspapers, were the result of hard work, research and the continued pursuit of the truth,” McCollum said. “While it’s certainly nice to be recognized for our reporting on this in the form of this award, we do what we do for our readers, to make sure they have the news and information they need to make good decisions and have informed opinions.”

“Pursuit of the Truth” Chuckee does not know what the truth is.

Maybe the whole thing was a HALLUCINATION!