Randy Davis, State Representative, Daphne, since 2002 is about as a good ole boy as they get. Originally Davis was going to run for the Probate Judge for Baldwin County then suddenly pulled out of the race. Catalyst Candidate Lynn Perry took his spot. Now we know why Randy got cold feet.

It is interesting that some of the local T.V. stations have not even covered the indictment. still writes fluff and usually is behind in any Baldwin County news and investigative reporting is unheard of.

Catalyst, Fairhope base of operations, is in a panic, who’s next to be indicted? For sure there are three possibilities on the Fairhope City Council.

Catalyst is licking it’s wounds from the Primary and run-off but that has not stopped their plans for a slate of candidates for the next Fairhope election. The Ripp Report cannot wait, until they start slithering out of the woodwork, as to who has been anointed to represent Catalyst.

Now Randy is gone we should show Joe Faust, Baldwin County Representative since 2002, the door.

Both State Representatives ignored Senator Tripp Pittman, the trustee of Baldwin County BP funds, as he skimmed 750,000 dollars for himself. Neither man had enough balls to stand up to Pittman. To add insult to injury this threesome left millions of BP dollars in Montgomery while Baldwin County got 10%.

Senator’s company awarded $639,000 while he supervised grants for boom work

Senator’s company awarded $639,000 while he supervised grants for boom work

Of $1.15 million paid to Fairhope from BP grant funds overseen in part by state Sen. Trip Pittman for oil spill response work, the city awarded Pittmans company $639,000, according to city records reviewed by a Fairhope councilwoman.


The Representatives also sat by and said nothing when Pittman also took municipal contracts, within his own district, from Fairhope, with the help of Fairhope Mayor Can’t and his water carrying City Council.

Catalyst is crying because they are all gone except for Joe Faust, maybe his time has come!