Congratulations Nick Saban and the Alabama Football team, you have made Alabama proud.

Saban is successful because of Leadership, Ethics, Transparency and above all PRINCIPLE.

Saban did not only coached black players he stood proud beside them. Saban marched with Black Lives Matter, when he knew it would not be a popular in Alabama. That is what you call PRINCIPAL.

Thank You Nick Saban and the Alabama Football team for diminishing the negative attention Alabama is presently receiving, compliments of its congressman and Jr Senator, Tommy Tuberville, who contributed to “inciting insurrection”.

What Irony is it that Tommy Tuberville is going in the opposite direction of Saban. Tuberville was elected by straight ticket voting. Alabama is one of only six states that still has straight ticket voting.

“Tuberville was forced out, of Auburn, because he has been frustrating Auburn’s fans, powerful boosters, and administration with his machinations for years. And there is more evidence that he was simply losing control of his situation at Auburn: it was filtering down to the players.” He was paid over 5 million to just leave with a 8540 record.

Take your pick who do you want your kids to emulate.

Saban is famous, for all the right reasons. His legacy makes Alabama proud.

Tuberville is infamous. His legacy is a stain on Alabama.