Fairhope are you distracted enough between Inciting Insurrection, and the championship football game today? How distracted and worried have you been over Covid-19 and your kids going back to school?



In Fairhope the quarterback is none other than the most sneaky and corrupt politician in Baldwin County. The great negotiator, Sneaky Jack Burrell who chose tonight to use the City Council meeting, which no-one goes to, to swear in the Municipal Judge Haymes Snedeker.


Please remember it was Jack and his two worker B’s that spent 2.65 million dollars on recreation land. Don’t forget the town clock that cost 600,000 thousand dollars or the K-1 that is leaking and rotting since his great deal.

Jack has had the pleasure of riding in the good Judges private jet but he paid back that by fixing the bid for the Judges jet hanger at the airport.


Jack’s quarterback sneak involves swearing in the Judge while citizens are distracted. You see the Judge is one of the largest land owners and developers in Fairhope. The city council appoints the judge and the judge, as a developer, must have city council authorization for his developments. Jack and the Judge care less about penalties or if they are out of bounds.

Judges in Alabama are subject to 7 Canons of Judicial Ethics. Number 2. “A judge should avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety in ALL his activities.” How clear is that? “appearance of impropriety”.


So in Fairhope the Municipal Judge is appointed by council and as a developer he must have the authorization of council for his developments. Let that sink in because shortly after the zoning approval for the Judges property to come into the city, the Judge had some second thoughts. Believe it or not his second thought was to ask planning and zoning to reverse their decision and allow him to keep his project out of the city. That time out failed, because the paperwork was already filed and to request the city to DE-annex the property was denied by the P&Z.

Sneaky Jack’s best friend is Ronan McSharry, who has escaped any responsibility for the assault on Paula DiNardi. McSharry has yet to be prosecuted. The municipal attorney, Marcus McDowell, failed and lied about his responsibilities. Be sure to check out Lagniappe and tell me if you see any “appearance of Impropriety”. The 64 thousand dollar question in Baldwin County is, what does Ronan McSharry know about some lawyers and judges, who are willing to insult justice, by covering his ass?


The swearing in will be surgical and swift, it will not require any huddle, comments or votes from council, other than Sneaky Jack who will dump accolades on the Judge, or bless him with a sword.

The Ripp Report will file a formal Judiciary Complaint if Judge Snedeker is sworn in. “Appearance of Impropriety”, every time the Judge gets council approval for his developments, many people will think, right or wrong, that the approvals are corrupt. How about if any of the council get into trouble and then slip out of it like McSharry, is that an “appearance of Impropriety”, hell yes it is, that is the reason for the Canons of Judicial Ethics.

Sneaky Jack does not get all the credit for this play, Catalyst, Scott Boone Consulting is in the shadows of the sideline, calling the shots. The entire Fairhope City Government with the exception of newly elected Cory Martin, are Catalyst and Fairhope is their ball field.

Judge Snedeker should not be a municipal judge in the same community where he is the largest developer, appointed by council and dependent on council for approvals.

The Ripp Report will be persistent in reminding the citizens of Fairhope about Jack’s quarterback sneak and the Judge hiding the ball. Public Opinion is the other team and they intend to play hard.