Alabama is going to give the lottery away to the highest bidder, the Poach Creek Indians. You sure cannot blame the Poach Creek Indians for understanding how to manipulate our good Republican legislators. Money, baby, is what it is all about. The supporters of this bill feel that they still have the moral high ground by preventing any additional gaming while stuffing their pockets full of Indian money.

Two separate lotto bills were introduced:

Dueling lottery bills: A simple breakdown of what they do

Dueling lottery bills: A simple breakdown of what they do

There are currently two lottery bills in the Alabama Legislature: SB220, sponsored by Sen. Greg Albritton, and SB130, sponsored by Sen. Jim McClendon. While these two bills legalize a lottery in Alabama, they are remarkably different in terms of the games that are allowed, revenues generated and jobs created. Whenever the topic of a lottery, […]

Source: www.alreporter.com/2019/04/19/dueling-lottery-bills-a-simple-breakdown-of-what-they-do/

Education was dismissed as not being important enough to include in any revenue from the Albrittton Indian lottery.

Lottery bill passes AL Senate committee

Lottery bill passes AL Senate committee

The lottery bill passes out of the Senate Tourism committee 6-5 on Tuesday.

Source: www.wbrc.com/2019/04/22/lawmakers-could-vote-lottery-bill-this-week/

According to the bill, money from the lottery will first go to pay for its expenses then go into the state’s trust fund to repay transfers made to the general fund from 2013 to 2015. Once everything is repaid, Albritton says half the money will go back into the trust fund and into the state’s general fund.”

This lotto is designed to pay “back debt” as far back as 2013 and allocates nothing for the “future” Education Fund.

The Indians placed their bet on greedy politicians and gave them money to help them think clear on how to vote.

Five Republicans who may approve a pro-Indian lottery received over $100,000 from the tribe

Five Republicans who may approve a pro-Indian lottery received over $100,000 from the tribe

The Senate Tourism and Marketing committee will vote Tuesday on a bill that, if approved, would give the Poarch Band of Creek Indians a complete monopoly over gaming operations in the state. If adopted, it will also eliminate legal pari-mutuel gaming at the state’s four race tracks, cost jobs in Macon, Greene and Jefferson Counties […]

Source: www.alreporter.com/2019/04/22/five-republicans-who-may-approve-a-pro-indian-lottery-received-over-100000-from-the-tribe/

Poarch Creeks made the following contributions to Republican tourism committee members this election cycle:

Del Marsh Chair $30,000

Randy Price Vice Chair $12,500

Chris Elliot $27,500

Garlan Gudger $25,000

Andrew Jones $10,000

Our State Senator Chris Elliott aka the TAX MAN, netted $27.500, to help him think straight. He supports the Albritton bill and no allocation for the Education Fund. The TAX MAN has taxed us twice without a vote, diverted education money from the 1% tax, about $200.000 a year, and now provides no money to go towards the Education Fund, from a lottery that started out being about education.

Please remember that Elliott, the TAX MAN, was vetted prior to the elections by Governor Poison Ivy and he pledged his support for the gas tax while campaigning against it. Christian Conservative.

Elliott and Albritton are also on board to make major changes in Ethics and Lobbyist. The changes are designed protect legislators from ethics charges and allows lobbyist to contribute to the never ending cycle of political corruption.


Maybe the answer is just to make corruption legal.


I hope those who voted for the TAX MAN know now what a terrible decision that was.

ALABAMA number one in political corruption and damn proud of it.