It is no secret that I have spent 10 years trying to unseat the Mayor of Fairhope. It is expected after an election to be gracious and heap accolades on the departing Mayor, I will reserve my comments until Nov. 7th. The transition period between now and Nov. 7th will be telling. I hope it is civil with no surprises or forced through agendas that may impact the city negatively.

Congratulations to all the staff and volunteers who spent countless selfless hours supporting Karin Wilson. It was tough with many highs and lows, scorching heat and long days. It was a grass roots effort where a community came together to replace the status quo and incumbent of four terms. Not many people ever gave us a chance and certainly the odds were against us.

I am immensely proud of Karin whom I did not know well prior to the election. Her decision to run was not an ambition but a calling. Had she not run there would have been no competition and we would face 4 more years of the same. Her performance and determination during the campaign is evidence of her character and what you may expect of her as Mayor.

Fairhope cast over 2000 votes more than Daphne, a larger city, did in their election, and set a record for a Fairhope election. It is a testimony to a community who cares about its future and wants to be a part of it.

The last minute decision of the Alabama Sec. of State Elections Division to monitor the elections was a welcomed gift. Fairhope needed to know the election would be fair and honest, regardless of the outcome.

I hope that readers of The Ripp Report and Baldwin County Legal Eagle understand the power of people and that they can make a difference when united.  Never let anyone tell you that you can’t win, that you can’t make a difference or you can’t beat City Hall. Together we can. This election and subsequent win by a candidate of the people will have a profoundly positive effect on Fairhope and is evidence that anyone can win.

The challenge now is to support our new Mayor. It will take dedication teamwork and diligence to prevent the remnants of the last regime from eroding our efforts.  Trust me, there will be people trying their best to make us fail, look forward, not backwards.

The Ripp Report and Baldwin County Legal Eagle are very proud of the part we played in this election and we intend to carry on our mission of exposing political and judicial corruption. We have many irons in the fire and will keep you posted.