When elections are “fixed” you can be assured, politicians, any party, are STEALING OUR DEMOCRACY.

Baldwin County is home to fixing elections, just ask former Governor Don Siegelman. Their are many ways to “FIX” elections. Years ago Judge Michelle Thompsson eliminated her competition by having the Baldwin County Republican Party, declaring her competition, not Republican enough. Baldwin County now suffers under her gavel.

Let us not forget that the Baldwin County Sheriff, Hoss Mack, had the help of then Sen. Tripp Pittman write exclusive qualifications for sheriff in Baldwin County, different than any county in the state. These qualifications eliminated the competition and the sheriff won the last two elections without opposition. In both elections the sheriff accepted donations to his re-election in spite of having no competition!

What about the home base for CATALYST, Fairhope, where elections in 2008 and 2012 were so far out of wack that they defied statistics and common sense. It took the oversight of the Alabama Sec. Of State in 2016 before the citizens of Fairhope were confident of a fair election.

CATALYST will run Faux candidates in the upcoming Fairhope Municipal election. Get ready for CATALYST to pull every dirty trick in the book. Fairhope needs to rid themselves of the CATALYST City Council.

The greatest fix in Alabama involved Governor Siegelman, who was declared the winner, only to have Baldwin County creatively come up with mysterious ballots, that flipped the final results in favor of Bob Riley. Those mysterious votes have never seen the light of day. Good ole Baldwin County.

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Don Seigelman is the only one in the history of Alabama to serve as Sec. Of State, Attorney General, Lt. Governor and Governor. His story explains the depth of corruption in Alabama. If you cannot make the book signing then get a copy at Page and Pallette.

You can gleam more information by watching Atticus and the Architect on u-tube. This video exposes the cast of characters involved and the raw corruption they displayed.