For years the Ripp Report has been exposing the corruption in Baldwin County and a Sheriff’s Department, that investigates themselves. I hope you have the time to get a Lagniappe and read the whole article as it is behind a paywall currently. Free Lagniappe papers are in most news stands in Baldwin and Mobile county.

This is a prime example how the Sheriff, District Attorney, Presiding Judge, and prosecutor, all three, colluded to withhold a coroners report from the Defense. Now the same three, exposed, claim ignorance. The problem is they, sheriff and prosecution and Judge, sent an innocent man to jail for over 18 years on a totally bogus theory. As far as the claim of ignorance, I agree. Advocates discover autopsy never included in Baldwin man’s murder trial

But the revelation that Hastings’ body was exhumed roughly a month after his murder and sent to the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences for a second autopsy on May 14, 2003, and that the resulting report was never mentioned during the trial or made available to the defense has Lawrence’s supporters hopeful his case may get another look.


“I have no earthly idea why they wouldn’t disclose this autopsy information, except that it didn’t advance their case,” Lawrence’s attorney, Willie Huntley, said. “I know it would have made a big difference.”

In fact, the Alabama autopsy report states on page 4 that it was authorized by Mack Sr. “under the authority granted by the District Attorney Office.”

Whetstone demonstrated a detailed memory of the case and trial, which he personally prosecuted, but claimed he had no recollection of ordering the autopsy or ever receiving any information regarding it, despite a letter from the state delivering its results to him.

“I didn’t order it and I don’t remember ever receiving such an autopsy. But of course, if that had been done and it revealed anything that could have suggested any other outcome, Mr. Huntley certainly should have received it. And I should have too. … What you’re suggesting to me is the first I’ve heard of this in all these years,” Whetstone said.

“Letters and documents contained in that second autopsy report indicate Whetstone, Wilters and Mack should all have been aware it had been performed long before Lawrence’s trial. Hoss Mack and his father were both CC’ed in on the May 17, 2004, letter from the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences to Whetstone, which accompanied the autopsy, forensic biology and toxicology reports. Wilters wrote and signed the order allowing it.

In an email last week, Hoss Mack downplayed his role in the case when asked about it.

Ultimately, Hoss Mack conducted four separate interviews with McNeil, according to the trial transcripts, and accompanied him on a trip where McNeil led investigators to the location where the murder took place, although he had difficulty identifying it at first.”

I hope you follow this story as it is still developing and citizens need be aware of the glaring

corruption in Baldwin County and the lack of any transparency or accountability.

You can follow this story in Lagniappe, Rippreport or Deal-with-the-devil.com

What kind of “Christian”, would send an innocent man to jail for over 18 years, just to promote themselves?

WELCOME to Baldwin County where authorities do what ever the hell they want.

At yesterday’s (9/20) Baldwin County, AL Commission regular meeting Francis Ripp of The Ripp Report …


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