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”A Verbal Lynching in Alabama” is a true-crime story of greed, murder, treachery, and wrongful conviction. The facts contained herein are drawn from, and strictly based on the over 2000-page official court transcript, taking more than a thousand hours to analyze, dissect, and scrutinize. Through witness testimony, personal interviews, rigorous study of Brandon’s phone log, and the physical re-tracing and timing of the murderer’s alleged route from Alabama to Mississippi where the body was dumped, a visual story begins to emerge. Previously, no timeline for this murder case ever existed or had been proposed. But now, through exhaustive research, the puzzle is no longer incomplete. All the pieces fit.

For years the Ripp Report has been exposing the corruption in Baldwin County and a Sheriff’s Department, that investigates themselves. I hope you have the time to get a Lagniappe and read the whole article as it is behind a paywall currently. Free Lagniappe papers are in most news stands in Baldwin and Mobile county.


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