Mid Term Elections are upon us, qualification closes 5:00 PM Feb. 9th. Then it is game on for many important positions in Baldwin County. Statewide general information can be found on:


We have only 4 months until the primary election June 5 2018.

Baldwin County is in a position to change the political makeup of the good ole boys with candidates that are fed up with back room deals. The first step was taken by the election of Mayor Karen Wilson. The good ole boy network counted on former Mayor Kant and Sen Pittman to keep the wheels greased in Bay Minette. Fairhope WAS the facilitator, NOT NOW, the wheel of corruption has stopped and all those valuable “connections” are gone, fired, retired or drying up.

Baldwin County has now the opportunity to vote out as many county commissioners as possible. It will be important to vet the candidates as never before. Who are faux candidates or placement candidates by Catalyst? The Ripp Report will dig in hard on many aspects of the elections. In addition to the County Commissioners, Sheriff, Judge of Probate, Coroner and State Senate seat 32, previously held by boom boom Pittman, are all on the election agenda.

We also have the infamous Judge Michelle Thomason running for Court of Civil Appeals. This will be a tricky decision. The Judge has racked up quite a negative reputation as a Circuit Judge in Family Court and let us not forget she was the first client of Catalyst. The tricky part is that many people would like to see her go and they may find themselves voting for her in order to show her the door out of Baldwin County.

Alabama is also going to elect a new Governor and Attorney General. Our utmost priority should be to break the mold of electing flawed candidates. Alabama Governors and Attorney General’s of the past all have had baggage that has taken the state backwards.

The Alabama Attorney General needs to have a commitment to exposing and prosecuting elected officials involved in political corruption. The AG’s office needs to start by biting the head off the Ethics Commission, who are guilty of aiding and abetting corruption while protecting the very officials that need to be held accountable.

Alabama is first in political corruption, until that changes we will remain last in every thing else.