Qualifications for the mid-term elections in Baldwin County are final on February 9th at 5:00 pm. Baldwin County residents need to reject the incumbents and Catalyst candidates.


Mid Term Elections are upon us, qualification closes 5:00 PM Feb. 9th. Then it is game on for many important positions in Baldwin County. Statewide general information can be found on:…


Place one of the County Commissioner’s race has an 8 time incumbent, Mr Frank Burt, seeking yet another term. The 86 year old Burt has held office since 1989.

District 1 Commission Biography

A Republican, Commissioner Burt is currently serving his eighth term on the Baldwin County Commission (Terms are as follows: 1989-1992; 1992-1996; 1996-2000; 2000-2004; 2004-2006; 2006-2010; 2010-2014; 2014-2018).


District one, North Baldwin County, has been Mr Burt’s turf for 28 years and the well connected in his district have been richly rewarded. He is the political dinosaur of the county and the epitome of the good ole boys.

District 1 - Honorable Frank Burt, Jr. (R)

Primary Office: (County Seat) Honorable Frank Burt, Jr. Office of County Commissioner, District No. 1 Baldwin County Administration Building 312 Courthouse Square, Suite 12 Bay Minette, Alabama 36507


District one is the site of the infamous mega site that cost us 35 million, plus the lost opportunity of the money.


Mid term elections will again bring up all the advantages of the Baldwin County Mega site. Politicians, county commissioners and their hacks, all on board with the annual round of promises that the…


This is going to be a very interesting race as the Catalyst group has selected Mr Burt’s replacement, Jeb Ball.

Jeb Ball seeks election to Commission District 1

James E. “Jeb” Ball, Program Director for Baldwin Substance Abuse Services, Inc. in Bay Minette, has announced his candidacy for Baldwin County Commissioner, District 1. A lifelong resident …


Mr Ball is the director of Baldwin County Substance Abuse, BCSA, this infamous LLC was formed by Judges and Lawyers. He is a Catalyst candidate “selected” to replace Burt. BCSA was founded by Judge Michell Thomason, among others, she also was the first client of Catalyst after their name change from Elliott Haygood and Stacy, those names should sound familiar. Many are asking if Mr. Ball was successful in defeating Mr Burt, would he resign from BCSA. Many conflicts of interest are apparent but hell this is Baldwin County what’s a little conflict of interest if it serves the connected few?

Do not be surprised if Mr Burt drops out for health reasons or maybe decides to retire, AFTER qualification. That would give Mr Ball no opposition and deny the voters the opportunity of choice.

Do not underestimate Catalyst, they will do whatever is necessary to insure that they have a commissioner’s seat in their pocket.

Pay Attention the games are about to begin.