I’m Harry Still and I want to restore your faith in Alabama justice by serving as your Attorney General.

I am a practical Republican not a Washington D.C. fundraiser. My home is here and I share it with all of you, my neighbors. I want to protect you from violent crime by keeping criminals locked up in Alabama prisons, not walking the streets in exchange for a few dollars or freed by federal oversight. I have waged a tireless fight against corruption in Alabama my entire adult life. I’ve never served a special interest group. For three decades, I have been serving you from the hallways of your city and county governments and in many of the Courthouses throughout Alabama.

From earning my Eagle Scout to graduating from Auburn University, Troy State University and the Birmingham School of Law all of my journeys have been down Alabama roads. My faith, my values and my family are all part of this amazing landscape we call home. I will not silently focus on the historic past of Alabama - instead, I choose to move forward protecting you and the future of our home.

I would appreciate your vote on May 24th in the Republican Primary.

Campaign Promises

  1. Take a Leadership Role in Prison Construction and Improvements

  2. Reform law enforcement from the top down

    1. Reorganize The Alabama Police Officers Standards and Training Commission (APOST)

    2.  “sensory training” Statewide

    3.  non-lethal equipment provided to all departments in the State

    4. Designate a Go-Team to investigate every single officer-involved shooting in Alabama. No more Major Crime Units or Internal Affairs Unit investigating shootings within their own department.

    5. Bolster the Public Integrity Unit

      1. Review every complaint filed with the Alabama Ethics Commission since 2015.

      2. Review all new complaints filed with the Alabama Ethics Commission, jurisdictions are concurrent.

      3. Investigation into the use of software called a “Master Name Index” by local law enforcement that may violate the Constitutional Rights of our Citizens.

  3. To release all recordings of former Speaker of the Alabama House of Representatives Mike Hubbard attempting to influence legislators to shorten his prison sentence. These calls were made on a State telephone in a County Jail subject to recording and he was advised of this fact.

  4. Take a Leadership Position on Medical Cannabis Licensing.

  5. If the People of Alabama decide to permit gaming or a lottery I will ensure that we create a Gaming Commission with respectable appointed officials.

  6. Take a leadership role in replacing our State Constitution.  Home Rule for County Government. Reform the Court of the Judiciary.

  7. Investigate unregulated private sewer utilities in Alabama.

  8. Champion the Alabama Accountability and Transparency Act

  9. Review all no-bid contracts with the State of Alabama.

  10. Support the Right of Citizens to carry a firearm concealed if not prohibited from doing so by law, without a permit from your local Sheriff.


Best Regards,

Harry Still, III Attorney At Law PO Box 2435 Daphne, Alabama 36526 251-202-3234