It is amazing how many Facebook pages, and some media, only publish “happy days’ posts. How great the flowers are and how beautiful the bay is. First Fridays are fun filled with wine and spirited conversations about anything other than reality.

I think Alabama is a beautiful state and Baldwin County shares Beaches, Mobile Bay, Rivers and plenty of woods for the hunters. People do not move to Baldwin County to become involved in politics and it usually takes at least 5 years to acclimate to a new area.

The reality is the Bay is under assault from sewer spills, proposals to put dredging spoils on 1200 acres of a valuable ecosystem, Berry Steam Plant and it’s potential to flood the Bay with coal ash. Let’s not forget the toll Bridge and how the politicians now are in favor of tolls instead of our environment.


The elephant in the room is political corruption. A system so corrupt it uses the very agencies designed to administer accountability, transparency and ethics. The Attorney General used pac to pac funds to get elected, clearly illegal, however it is his office that is charged with holding him responsible. The Ethics Executive Director, Tom Albritton has been self serving himself, and friends, by skimming the very trust he has been entrusted to protect. Of course the Ethics Commission is not going to investigate themselves and the Attorney General is defending the Ethics Commission. The Bar Association sees nothing wrong with an attorney and Ethics Commission Director making a little money on the side.


The States reputation for being corrupt has bolstered Baldwin County to becoming even more corrupt.

Fairhope taxpayers have spent millions of dollars on projects, stalled, unnecessary or pet projects of a few. The entire council, municipal attorney and municipal judge are the best example of the good ole boys. They were supported by developers, and many are developers. The majority of Fairhope citizens have not a clue as to how much money is being wasted or used on projects that have no plan.

Baldwin County citizens will soon have a new jail. Policing has become a cottage industry for municipalities and Bay Minette will be their bank.

65 million for a 900 plus bed jail to be located in Bay Minette. What business wants to locate in a jail town? The county will spend 65 million for a jail and not one damn dime on any projects that would reduce incarceration. The new jail will almost certainly be named the Hoss Mack Judicial Center.

Sheriff Hoss Mack is a seasoned politician who had the previous State Senator Tripp Pittman, legislatively write qualifications for Sheriff in Baldwin county that eliminated all competition. Mack is running unopposed for the third time. Call it what you want but that is fixing an election.

Now ask yourself how can a person qualify to run for the position of Alabama Attorney General, the top law enforcement officer in the state, but does not qualify to run for sheriff? Sheriff Mack has to maintain a monopoly on the job to protect the dismal record he has, that few are aware of. The Sheriff also investigates all major incidents involving loss of life, with his own Major Crimes Division. You will be happy to learn that there has not been a single officer ever found guilty by one of these “Investigations”, not one.


State Senator Elliott is also running unopposed, the new redistricting eliminated his competition. Elliott and Mack are connected by Elliott’s wife who has a high paying job with guess who? Sheriff Mack. How damn cozy is that? Elliott is far worse than Mack and he knows he needs Mack as Mack needs him. That’s why Mack and Elliott are always on the same page. This cozy relationship is not by chance but design. Mack can, and has, jerked Elliott’s chain, when he needs him to heel.

People love to say that corruption is everywhere, or accuse some other state or city as being more corrupt. They do not want to admit to the obvious and become unwitting pawns of the good ole boys.

Corruption flourishes with public denial and no accountability, that is why Alabama is dead last when it comes to credibility. Corruption loves indifference.

The Ripp Report will continue to shed light on the corruption, regardless of any political party affiliation. So if you are indifferent and looking for happy days commentary, your on the wrong page.