The Ripp Report has been reporting on the Airport scandal since Nov. 2016,


Well folks if you were watching football this last Monday night and have no idea what is going on with the Fairhope City Council, that same night, let me fill you in because a couple of councilmen were hoping you were distracted. Source:


and we ended last week with,

??? WHO’S ON FIRST ???

Open Letter to Fairhope Airport Authority Attention Josh Myrick, Attorney Joe McEnerney, Chairman Jack Burrell, City Council Dear Sirs; Thank you for providing the Ripp Report with the information we requested. The summary outlined in…


Your opinion counts, however we have come to a point of having to put this story to rest. You did notice, I said rest. Not to bed, and by that I mean that all the complaints have been filed with authorities and it is time for them to do their job. It is disappointing that the city council, when presented with facts alleging unethical behavior by one of their own, chose to ignore it and kick the can down the road for authorities to handle. So be it.

What is far more important than that is the council’s lack of accountability and transparency which does not resemble the mayor’s policy on transparency and accountability. We must support the mayor and convince the council that we favor the mayor’s policy. PLEASE sign the petition and pass it on to other voters in Fairhope.


Fairhope voters, we did it once and now we have to do it again. And that is show our mayor support and remind the city council the majority won the election. Our council has been…