Fairhope City Council plays to the council TV, like mimes. They smile and say all they want is cooperation from the mayor, then slam the door in her face. The last meeting they made it perfectly clear that they stand united in obstructing the mayor and backing “come fly with me” Burrell. All five council members now have all their cards on Jack. They have vowed to seek revenge for the ethics complaint the mayor filed against Jack. An ethics complaint accompanied by at least 4 other complaints, which now Councilman Brown says has “been ruled baseless.” Mr. Brown knows that what he is saying is not true. Investigations are underway. Mr Brown needs to understand that the Ripp Report does not put all it’s eggs in one basket. We fully intend to expose and expand the scope of authorities that may be interested in exposing corruption at Fairhope Airport.

In the last council meeting the council approved over 500,000 dollars for council agenda items. The mayors request was for $15,000.

Source: http://www.cofairhope.com/home/showdocument?id=14583

7. Resolution - That the City Council approves the selection of Satterwhite & Associates for Professional Legal Services (PS033-17) for representation of the Office of Mayor limited to his work thus far which started on June 9, 2017 and participation in a mediation concerning provision of future legal services for the Office of Mayor; and further authorizes Mayor Karin Wilson to sign an Engagement Letter between the City of Fairhope and Satterwhite & Associates for such purposes as well as with a mediator to be mutually selected by the Mayor and the City Council; and hereby authorizes Mayor Karin Wilson to negotiate a fee schedule, and establish a not-to-exceed limit of $15,000.00.

It was denied unanimously while almost 15 thousand was approved for police computers. One must assume the council thinks the computers are more important than trying to cooperate with the mayor.

Please read carefully the explanation by attorney Satterwhite,

Despite threat of suit, Fairhope council refuses funds for mayor’s lawyer - Lagniappe Mobile

The Fairhope City Council approved close to a dozen resolutions at its latest meeting June 26, but one proposed by Mayor Karin Wilson and pushed by her, according to council members, under threat of legal action failed to gain support. That resolution would have authorized up to $15,000 for Wilson to negotiate agreements to contract …

Source: lagniappemobile.com/despite-threat-suit-fairhope-council-refuses-funds-mayors-lawyer/

“Come fly with me” Burrell’s response was that no mediation was needed unless they, the council, were the mediators. ”We are the mediators”, declared Burrell. Currently, Jack wears many hats, council president, liaison to city for airport authority, bid committee for airport authority and now he is the city legal mediator.

The council says it does not want another attorney; however, they have moved forward to settle lawsuits without anyone knowing what is going on. The 100,000 dollar lawsuit,


Today the phrase “to open Pandora’s box” means to perform an action that may seem small or innocent, but that turns out to have severely detrimental and far-reaching negative consequences. Once open…

Source: rippreport.com/2017/05/31/pandoras-box/

was brought against the city by an employee and within 30 days the council wishes to settle it and bury it. No lawsuits should be settled by employees or past employees that have made allegations against the mayor without the mayor having the opportunity to represent the people, and herself. Who encouraged these frivolous claims? Did someone on the council encourage the lawsuit and tell the employee “it will never go to court, the council will settle it in executive session, you will never have to take the stand.” That my friends is a serious crime.

Employees are beginning to come forward with information that may shed a lot of light on this subject, at the same time many employees are looking for the door. Jack’s world is shrinking.

“Mr. LLC,” Boone and Councilman Brown were outraged by any attempt to mediation and preempted any lawsuit by saying they did not like to be threatened by a lawsuit. The lawsuit was not a threat it was the next step if the council continued to interfere with the duties of the mayor, Brown and Boone used it as an excuse to pass gas on TV.

Twice the Ripp Report approached the council in an effort to resolve planning and zoning issues. Both times, different council’s, the council instructed me to sue the city. I did— twice, and won. The cost to the city over— 300,000 dollars. Boone and Brown need to start doing their jobs and stop blowing hot air and challenging the mayor to sue the city when they are responsible for obstructing the mayor from doing her job. This council will be known for it’s whitewashing of complaints and refusal to audit any major issues.