The new proposed planning district 8, is long overdue. For many years Fairhope has had a policy of annexing property, only if a property owner made a request. This was a clever way for Fairhope to avoid any annexation of the African American community. Don’t believe me! Look very carefully at the map, it is clear as day.

One thing that is a fact, Fairhope has a dismal and embarrassing reputation about how it treats their neighbors. Planning District 8 is an option to annexation into Fairhope. Govern yourself you do not need Fairhope.

Fairhope spent 2.6 million on farmland for recreation then rented it for farming for 9000 dollars a year. Jack Burrell was behind this purchase, that is still farmland today. How much did the Park in the African American neighbor get? ZERO

Absolutely no one wanted the recreation land to be located next to the airport. Burrell Boone and Brown pushed the purchase down the throats of the citizens.

Why would you want to be annexed into a community that has a history of ignoring YOUR community?

“I’m trying to get the message out that when you’re unzoned, you can have fast food restaurants and nightclubs next to your house. You can fight it all day, but you’re unzoned,” she said. “This is the same thing that has been happening for 20 years. We’re in a situation where things are happening around us we can’t control and we can either help ourselves and control it or continue to sit here and complain.” Clarice Hall Black

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