Let's Talk About The Bama Loss

44,700,000 SARS-COV-2 cases in the USA with 721,000 deaths.

Facebook leaker has them running for the exits and The University of Alabama lost a football game this past weekend resulting in increases in domestic violence/DUI’s/and a murder.

Nick Saban is again the highest paid coach again according to the NCAA.

And UA Confidentiality Agreements are the subject of a Lagniappe article this week that you should read.

The Governor signed into law a bill that would allow for the use of $400 Million in Covid Aid on $1.2 Billion for prison construction, not subject to the Public Bid Law?

Baldwin Planning District 8 Fairhope/Point Clear news. Chis Elliott, Tucker “whatever your real name may be” Dorsey, Spanish Fort Mayor “Slappin” Mike McMillan, Anti-Farmers Federation Senate Candidate Mo Brooks, The de facto Governor Jo Bonner bucking for the USA president job and a whole cast of characters go round.

And to drive home the power of the podcast we start with Dr. Sanjay Gupta on the JRE.