Baldwin County has a serious problem that continues to escalate without any accountability. Police using excessive force when it is not necessary. The article below is the latest of a string of incidents dating back more than 5 years that has cost 7 lives, Mr. O J French’s death is number 8. Please show up and support the family and get involved.

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Joshua Brown, one of the BMJL organizers, said the police account makes no sense knowing French’s character. He described French as being well read, devoted to his faith and a rising musician who published albums under his artist name, “The Juice.” Those songs were being played during the demonstration at the Bay Minette courthouse square.

“We just want transparency. We want justice. We want a thorough investigation. And we’ll see where everything lies,” Brown said.

“The Baldwin County Major Crimes Unit of the Sheriff’s Office is conducting an investigation.”

The major crimes unit is smoke and mirrors. Sheriff Hoss Mack thinks Baldwin County citizens are idiots and they are idiots if they think the Sheriff’s office and a bunch of municipal police chiefs are ever going to incriminate their own. BCMCU is a joke they will never provide the video unless the federal government gets involved.

BCMCU consists of Bay Minette Police Chief Al Tolbert, who is the current chairman, Robertsdale Police Chief Brad Kendrick, Sheriff Huey “Hoss” Mack of the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO), Gulf Shores Police Chief Edward Delmore, Daphne Police Chief David Carpenter and Foley Police Chief Thurston Bullock. The agency is tasked with reviewing the actions of officers working for its member organizations.

Loss of life by a Baldwin County Police Officer or Sheriff Dept. should be investigative by outside the county agencies. The FBI would be an excellent choice. When have you ever heard of the Major Crimes Unit ever say that the police were responsible? NEVER.

Baldwin County Commissioners have allowed Sheriff Hoss Mack to become the most powerful political figure in Baldwin County. No accountability, no transparency, no video footage and monetizing jails has developed into political police force using immunity to hide in plain sight.

The County Commission better get involved before they have to start writing multi million dollar checks to cover the asses of a few bad police officers.

Something has to give! Baldwin County citizens, ALL citizens, deserve better.