Fairhope politics has taken on a coup mentality. Mayor Wilson upset the apple cart of two political groups: Tim Kant followers, and Jack Burrell and his cronies, both supported by Catalyst. Kant followers have fallen off in recent years and Mr Burrell was assured by Kant he would be the next mayor, along with two others. Jack hedged his position by playing both sides to his benefit however mayor Wilson winning was not in the cards.

Shock descended on the old guard and they immediately hatched a plan to oust mayor Wilson by any means possible. Reports surfaced of Mr. Burrell bragging that he could drive her crazy and out of office in a year. Insubordination by certain employees went hand in hand with back biting the mayor and slowing down requests she had made. Mr Burrell became a fixture in city hall stoking the fire at every opportunity. Then two employees, Fiddler and Sullivan are fired and the council imposes a hiring freeze. Jack next move is to assure Judge Snedeker is sworn in immediately as municipal judge, without any comment from the public.

Judge Snedeker is Mr Ray Hix partner with Hix/Snedeker companies. This is the same company that is involved with the airport bid process that has led to multiple complaints. It should also be noted they were contributors to almost all the city council members. Hix/Snedeker had plans to be the new kids on the block and they had Jack hook line and sinker― problem is Kant lost.

The newest issue is the HR Director and her allegations. The story should be how the allegations were secret for months. The mayor did not know a complaint had been filed, Jack did.

Fairhope HR restructure could cause demotion for current director

Changes to the Human Resources department for the city of Fairhope could be coming soon, as Mayor Karin Wilson said the department is being changed to suit the city’s needs. “It’s just a …

Source: www.gulfcoastnewstoday.com/stories/fairhope-hr-restructure-could-cause-demotion-for-current-director,49685

The incident happened Dec.29,17, the HR director filed an incident report to police a month later Jan. 25th, she did not file a claim until May 19,17, the above article is dated May 12. The director saw it coming so she played her trump card and filed a claim, witnessed by Fidler, who was fired. These people are not very smart.

Claim alleges assault by Fairhope mayor on city HR director

Editor’s note: The following article may contain language that could be seen as offensive to some readers, but there is a relevant reason for doing so. Reader discretion is advised.A claim has …

Source: www.gulfcoastnewstoday.com/stories/claim-alleges-assault-by-fairhope-mayor-on-city-hr-director,49966

The HR director now “is receiving medication for ‘her nerves’ and the alleged assault continues to affect her ability to work.” She is now seeking damages in the amount of $100,000. If successful, she will not need medication. If this is the case she should be fired immediately or given an unpaid leave of absence until the legal issue is resolved.

The Courier and WABF AM, yes there is an AM, both cater to the a small minority of people that represent the most senior residents in Baldwin County and the hold outs to inevitable change. They depend on the GOB’s to keep it local. The Courier and WABF also seem to share the same ability and motivation to cover this story before anyone knew there was a story, and while the Mayor was out of town. Jack was on the radio with Jay Robinson the last Monday giving the subject all the coverage he could garner. The Courier will only present one side of the story and when presented with documents that incriminate any GOB’s, they just turn a deaf ear. WABF has the same policy, damn the truth we have our own story. Both are not being honest with there followers who deserve to here the other side of the story.

Lagniappe took the approach of caution and their articles informs the public of more than one side of the story.



THE RIPP REPORT We are deeply involved in supporting good government and eliminating political corruption by exposing elected officials who abuse their office. Jack Burrell is trying to hijack the first honest election Fairhope ever had. It makes no difference if Karin Wilson won or anybody else. They would still be getting the same crap. The fact that she is a woman made it easier for Burrell and Boone to use bullying tactics at public meetings― real Christian men! However, these willing participants and council members being led by the nose by Burrell are now entering uncharted waters. It is obvious that some employees and ex-employees, assisted and encouraged by Mr. Burrell, have colluded with one another in supporting a coup of Fairhope municipal government. Don’t be surprised when the insurance company being asked to fork over $100,000 dollars does a little investigating themselves. Catalyst, the GOB representative, led by Scott Boone, councilman Kevin Boone’s son, has been privileged to confidential city business, supplied by his father and employees following Jack. Jack is the subject of multiple complaints and Kevin Boone has so many conflicts of interest and LLC’s that he should not be on the council.

This is not just about Fairhope, the County Commissioners all favor Catalyst and Fairhope is a cherry they must have to maintain control. The power brokers live in Fairhope and their connections and corruption go all the way to goat hill.

Mr Burrell and Mr Boone cannot name 5 things of significant importance to the city that they have accomplished in 5 years. Mr. Burrell has demonstrated he has no leadership qualities, unless it benefits himself and his cronies.

The day will come when these people are going to have to raise their hand in a court of law. By the time this happens they will have lost track of their lies and they will eat their own.

Fairhope if you allow Jack Burrell to continue with this counterproductive plan and prevent the mayor from doing her job, you can kiss Fairhope goodbye. If the council continues to follow Jack and rejects every effort of the mayor to do her job, then they will have the dubious title of worst Fairhope City Council ever.

This is a simple case of a small minority ignoring the vast majority for their own personal gain.