There is no arguing that Alabama is in very sad shape when it comes to the state’s political structure and the lack of any leadership. Alabama’s republican and democrat’s are in an abyss, wandering aimlessly, clueless as to what it will take to bring Alabama out of not the third world but the dark ages. They have done a good job of selling the voters in the state a bill of goods that serves them the best. Straight ticket voting is their main tool to keep political control; however the downside is corrupt politicians who just ride into office, regardless of vetting or qualifications. The voters are dumb down to believe they must be loyal to their party and not question the candidates selected by party chiefs. The voters not the elected officials are the only ones that can break the cycle.

In Baldwin county straight ticket voting is force feed to the constituents and indeed has determined many elections. County Commissioners, Judges and city Council members have been elected for their political party and not their qualifications. Some of these “elected officials” make a career of holding public office. They are not public servants they are FLIES IN THE OINTMENT.

Baldwin County FLIES

County Commissioner Tucker Dorsey is a fly in the ointment.

His political ambition is obvious and his business connections and llc’s have been called into question, http://lagniappemobile.com/can-baldwin-commissioner-dorsey-avoid-ethics-issues/. Mr. Dorsey is for Mr. Dorsey and he intends to become a connected career politician, with the help of the good ole boys, Catalyst and their political fraternity. His actions as commissioner reflect someone who is in perpetual election mode, not public service mode.

Get ready folks Mr. Dorsey will soon tell us what political office he seeks next, maybe State Senator?

Think about that Dorsey for Pittman’s seat?

What a choice!

Judge Michelle Thomason, a judicial fly, used the Baldwin County Republican Party like a bar of soap, with their blessing. She used the straight ticket voting to beat an opponent that she had eliminated from the primary. The good judge had a lot of help from the Republican Party in eliminating her competition by labeling her as “not republican enough” that is the same thing as not being in the good ole boy club. Judge Thomason is the classic case of what goes wrong with straight ticket voting.

Her reputation on the bench is infamous and she has left a trail of broken families and the unnecessary displacement of many children. She is President of the Baldwin County Republican Women and uses that position to promote herself for the next election, in defiance of Alabama Judicial Canons, http://judicial.alabama.gov/library/rules_canons.cfm.

In the next election don’t take the lazy uneducated avenue to voting by using a straight ticket, educated yourself and vote out Judge Thomason. Fairhope has a fly in the ointment that is the epitome, as well as self proclaimed, good ole boy.

Mr. Kevin Boone is a loyal card carrying good ole boy. Mr. Boone has found himself in a very uncomfortable situation of being re elected to Fairhope City Council and seeing the Mayor and two other loyal councilpersons voted out of office. Mr. Boone’s first term required that he do as the Mayor directed, which he did religiously. Now he is a fly in the ointment, he will be an obstructionist to the new Mayor and will take his marching orders from a different drummer. He will be pro development to a fault and will take every opportunity to derail the new administration. He as well as the former Mayor still refuses to believe that the last election was a referendum for change from a good ole boy network to public service.

The Baldwin County Flies all have one two things in common, one they are all “clients” of the Catalyst political group. Catalyst principal operative is Scott Boone, Mr. Kevin Boone’s son. This connection alone could cause some to believe that a conflict of interest may exist. The second thing they all have in common is they were all elected and it’s up to the voters if they want public service or just flies in the ointment.