Fairhope Airport Authority - FLYING WITHOUT A COMPASS

These are two articles that were covered by The Fairhope Times one year ago. These were not written by the Ripp Report. They are important because they show, prior to today’s airport controversy, there was every indication that something stunk at the airport.

Airport Authority Holds Illegal Meeting?

The city’s Airport Authority held a special meeting for “future planning for the Sonny Callahan airport”  at the new Airport Academy building last Monday at 3PM; but the meeting was not held as designated by the advance public meeting notice required by state open meeting laws.

Source: thefairhopetimes.blogspot.com/2015/10/airport-authoirity-holds-illegal-meeting.html

This should have been a warning sign. However, the major players at the airport had the Mayor and City Council, at that time, covering their back. Well, that Mayor and more that half the City Council are gone. Now the stink from those deeds a year ago is coming back, this time to the nostrils of the public.

Don’t worry folks you will get the whole story, very soon.

City Council To Get Additional Ethics Training

The state Ethics Commission is now enforcing violations, which were given more “teeth” earlier in the year by the state legislature, according to the mayor.

Source: thefairhopetimes.blogspot.com/2015/11/city-council-to-get-addtional-ethics.html

The next month after the illegal meeting, Fairhope City Council got additional training in Alabama Ethics.  I am sorry to report that they failed the course.

Today, YOU DON’T KNOW JACK, and the accompanying article, FAIRHOPE AIRPORT “UN_AUTHORIZED” are the results of the previous bad behavior that became much worse. You will get the condensed narrative as soon as we have all the documents, after New Years. No sense in ruining our Christmas and New Year with another story of inside trading and political corruption.