In Baldwin County you must pay for the news online to read anything. It explains why so many people in Baldwin County have not a clue what is happening in their municipality. The Ripp Report is free and is unabashed how we explain political shenanigans.

Fairhope is regressing back to Mayor Can’t days and it is not surprising when the current Mayor and council are Can’t mentors. The Fairhope council and Mayor will do what ever the hell they want to, regardless of lawsuits.

Fairhope taxpayers are now facing a 10 million dollar lawsuit in federal court. Why? Because Fairhope has an infamous reputation of changing rules after the fact. The last multi million dollar case involved the Triangle where taxpayers had to pay almost 3 million dollars in law fees and a judgment against the city that included the city buying the Triangle for 8.25 million. A total of 11.25 Million taxpayer money.


“To top it off they hire a law firm, Hand Anderall Sale, as additional counsel, Hand Anderall was the law firm that lied to the citizens of Fairhope over the triangle lawsuit costing taxpayers 3 million in legal fees. It was Attorney Cain O’Rear who raised his right hand in Fairhope City Council Chambers and promised the citizens in attendance that “the city would not have to pay any legal fees”, that turned out to be bullshi-.

Who hires an attorney firm that loses the lawsuit and ends up costing taxpayers a total of 11.25 million? Fairhope Taxpayers.

Here is the kicker to taxpayers. Not only did you pay 11.25 million, after many attempts by the city to do something with the triangle property, and failing every time, they gave the property to the Single Tax Corporation. How the hell do you give away 11.25 million of taxpayer money?


The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Alabama on Oct. 27. The lawsuit concerns two developments: the Gables on Lawrence, which would sit on approximately 20 acres of land at the corner of Lawrence Road and Marshall Lane, and Skyline Village, which would sit on approximately 16.5 acres along Dyer Road.


Cox said in a company statement. “We believe in property rights, playing by the rules and that everyone is entitled to their opinion. We just aren’t going to stand for opinions trumping legal precedent.”


“This arbitrary and abusive display of power by the city of Fairhope is unfair to us and our community, and it is unacceptable.”

Fairhope kills the geese, does not want medical marijuana, and will build an electric sub station in a neighborhood, against the wishes of the neighborhood, a good ole boy deal for sure. What about the waterfront project 2 years overdue? The K-1 center is being completely mismanaged, under the guise of economic development and Councilman Jack Burrell. The Mayor gets two payroll checks from the city and the Council enjoys 100% health care. Fairhope taxpayers are clueless.