Everyone in Fairhope, Alabama is now aware of the rude conduct of the two councilmen who were elected with little or no opposition in the last election. The mainstream news media, as well as social media has covered their bullying and condescending actions leveled at the newly elected mayor for months. Citizens have confronted councilmen Burrell and Boone directly and publicly at city council meetings using public participation, voicing their disgust about the bullying tactics. Preachers and pastors have even weighed in all to no avail.

What the hell is going on?

Who is advising them to do this, and what is the motivation?

These are two questions that obviously come to mind. It is a fact that Mr Burrell misread the election and decided to rerun for city council instead of running for mayor, as he feared he could not beat the previous mayor who had promised he would support him in 2020. Is Jack so bitter about his failure to run for mayor that he now feels he has to take it out on the newly-elected mayor? Or is he getting marching orders from the defeated good ole boys?

Mr. Boone, a self-proclaimed good ole boy, is supported by Catalyst, his son’s dark political organization that represents the self interests of a few and ignores the majority. They have celebrated the hiring freeze, seeing it as a victory against the mayor, ignoring the negative effects it is having on the community. Although, Mr. Boone never raised his voice in four years with the previous mayor, who was supported and financed by Catalyst.

One explanation has been Mr. Burrell’s own comments. Burrell was overheard in a local restaurant saying that he “will drive the mayor out of office in less than a year and assume her position.” Really? Is Jack that short-sighted or just following the game plan of Catalyst? Another reason may be that they have something to hide or maybe their actions are representative of their character.

Whatever the case, their harsh behavior is counterproductive, rude, crude, socially unacceptable, and the purest form of bullying.

The other three newly elected councilmen have not necessarily agreed with the mayor on every issue, but they have been civil. That is expected and an important ingredient of good government, let’s hope they can influence Mr. Burrell and Mr. Boone to act like gentlemen, instead of acting like Beavis and Butthead.

Beavis and Butthead should also respect the mayor’s husband, who has had to tolerate their behavior and witness his wife being bullied. How would they react if it were their wives being treated this way? Or is this how they treat their wives and all other women?

Francis Paul Ripp