While NORAD, The Biden Administration, and the Mainstream Media have you looking skyward (not that this failure to secure our sovereign airspace isn’t alarming) there were serious hearings this past week on the Hill regarding the Weaponization of the FBI; more importantly their shift from the top law enforcement agency in the Country to a domestic intelligence service with police powers. From J Edgar Hoover to James Comey they all smack of the same. Take former Hawaii Congresswoman and Democratic Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard, (currently a National Guard Lt. Col.) who has been demonized by both those on the right and the left for expressing her informed views, cancelled by the media. And with the revelations of the Twitter Files, James Baker Twitter Executive and former General Counsel to the FBI, it doesn’t waft well. This House Select Committee Hearing should be required viewing for every voting age adults. And a few issues from Sweet Home Alabama.