For the last 15 years one complaint in Fairhope has been consistent. Why do I have to comply with Fairhope municipal regulations when I live outside the city limits and I cannot vote in Fairhope elections?

Well, folks I will have to admit that the newly elected State Senator Chris Elliott is not who I thought would tackle the issue. The last State Senator Tripp, BP, Pittman never addressed any of the issues in the county, unless he could make a buck.

Mr Elliott is for the gas tax which is a horse of another color. The Senator is on the mark however when it comes to his proposed legislation.

Elliott introduces bill to roll back extraterritorial jurisdictions – Lagniappe Mobile

Elliott introduces bill to roll back extraterritorial jurisdictions – Lagniappe Mobile

State Sen. Chris Elliott is sponsoring a bill to amend a 43-year-old law extending municipal police and planning jurisdictions beyond city corporate limits. Currently, police jurisdictions of municipalities with more than 6,000 people extend for three miles beyond their corporate limits while the police jurisdictions of municipalities with fewer than 6,000 people extend for one …


In Fairhope, Mayor Wilson is in favor of Elliott’s proposal. Of course the City Council President Jack Burrell is against the idea and wants the rest of the council to join in his opposition. Opposition and obstruction have been the two mainstays of present Catalyst council who has not achieved anything, but obstruction. Regardless of the issue, if the Mayor is for it, then the Catalyst Council is against it.



Can you hear me now! How many times in the last 18 months has the Mayor of Fairhope gone on record, with the City Council, about the lack of communication between the Mayor’s office and the City…


We are one of three states that allows this taxation without representation to exist. Captain Jack knows the good ole boys do not want to see any annexation, mainly because they know they would be voted out of office.

You want city services? Then you need to be in the City limits? Then you can vote out the Catalyst Council! Nothing is free.

Taxation without representation – Lagniappe Mobile

Taxation without representation – Lagniappe Mobile

Editor: Just before the Revolutionary War and largely in response to the Stamp Act imposed by the British on the colonies in America, James Otis proclaimed “Taxation without representation is tyranny.” Today, Alabama is one of only three states that permits municipalities to impose police, planning, and other exterritorial jurisdictions in areas well outside of …


Senator Elliott should consider legislation that would bring the Grand Hotel into the City Limits of Fairhope. Wal-Mart was legislatively brought into the city after Mayor Can’t realized Fairhope was losing a million a year in taxes. This was after many years of losing many millions.

Why should the Grand be allowed to have full city services? Without paying for it?

Come on Senator Elliott you got the ball rolling, don’t worry about Captain Jack that ball is going to flatten him OUT in 2020.

P.S. Sign me up for annexation.

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7 Comments on "NOTHING IS FREE"

  1. Elliott’s a real scum bag.
    Claims to be Christian!!
    Ripp I thought Elliott was catalyst with JACK?

  2. Spanish Fort Oracle | February 13, 2019 at 8:18 pm |

    Ripp if they annex you then they will have to annex the folks on Twin Beech Road and behind the hospital. Then with the extra monorities they will have to go to district elections to guarantee minority representation
    Catalyst HATES districts because they lose control of the ballot boxes
    That is why the county Commission candidates ran at large so that Catalyst could win its candidates
    I know Tucker lost but that was because Underwood had county wide support and relatives that even Catalyst could not buy
    This is one of Catalyst’s Archilles heal
    The other Archilles heal is people finding out about this machine and the money sources

    • Burrell4mayor

      In a landslide…

      • Hey Jackass Burrell Fan. I’ll bet you 10 grand on that if you wish to do so. Burrell is pure chickenshit. He’s doesn’t even know what a real man is.

        • U B Trippin Pittman | February 14, 2019 at 7:35 pm |

          Tried the Burrell burger.
          Gross. Slime patty.

        • Germoftheeasternwhore | February 15, 2019 at 4:50 am |

          Y’all don’t understand how this here works. The politicians make it easy for their friends who finance their campaigns and give them the juice from the projects.

          Repeat. Read it again.

          The clock is ticking in Fairhope. As the county overbuilds around it, the quality of life is slowly zapped. Nobody wants to sit in traffic and for their kids to sit in trailers all day long. Kinda sad that fairhope high is a trailer park high school. And we dump raw sewage in the bay. I just don’t get it people.

          If you put the same council in next time Fairhope is doomed because karin has slowed it down. The county planning office is doing nothing to stop growth. The great money grab of baldwin county circa 2020 is in full effect…environment, quality of life, property values, traffic commute times be damned! Every land owner for himself!

          This ain’t gonna end well folks.

          • Spanish Fort Oracle | February 15, 2019 at 9:38 am |

            Germoftheeasternwhore, you hit the nail on the head. Right now there are three members of the County Vommission who are whores for the developers. One of them has no sense showing he is a sock puppet for Catslyst.
            The people of Bsldwin DESERVE what is happening. The sad part is the people have no clue or don’t care
            I know a man who paid over 400,000 for a house in one of Truland’s subdivisions off US31. Now they are building cheaper houses across the street which will pull his value down
            Look in Bellaton off 181. Phase 2 now gas Express Homes going in which will pull the overpriced homes down
            People who buy in these subdivisions are suckers

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