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A Southern Town Thatโ€™s Been Holding On to Its Charm, for More Than a Century

A Southern Town Thatโ€™s Been Holding On to Its Charm, for More Than a Century

Fairhope, in Alabama, thrives as a place for artists, intellectuals and people of outsize character.


Fairhope just got a gold star and it deserves it. This article and the movie being shot, The Friend, at the same time, will produce a tremendous amount of National exposure for Fairhope. The cat is out of the bag, expect more tourists and newcomers to Baldwin County. It is to late to bitch about the growth and traffic and schools. It is time to act.

The County Commission and the 14 municipalities of Baldwin County need to get on the same page about Sewers, Zoning, Traffic and Schools, ASAP.

One issue that stands out in Fairhope, is education. The class size is swelling, teachers are working as fund raisers, โ€œFOR SCHOOL SUPPLIESโ€, and portables are a necessity. Over 5000 students in five Fairhope Schools, and that figure is growing every month.

The Fairhope City Council has the responsibility of deciding if Fairhope is going to support schools through a TAX or use the Equitable School Funding Plan, proposed by the Mayor.

The Council has the ability to vote immediately for the desired funds, 1.88 million. It is their decision and that decision should be made after the community has the ability to weigh in.



Fairhope City Council has been pedaling backwards their whole term. They now have a chance to pedal forward, putting Fairhope on the map, when it comes to the city supporting education.


This funding issue is very important and would make a significant difference in all five schools. Principals, teachers, parents and constituents should demand the council holds at least two public forums for public participation, before any decision is made.

What will the council do? Pay attention people, election time is coming up, WATCH the council.

Will the Council live up to the accolades of the Times article? Or will CATALYST raise itโ€™s ugly head?


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7 Comments on "GOLD STAR"

  1. Catalyst rot in hell | March 4, 2019 at 4:42 pm |

    Catalyst is already working its schemes. Elliot is trying to get a bill psssed where cities have to roll back their extraterritorial jurisdictions.
    Elliot cites the reason is that people living outside the city limits are being told what to do by elected officials they did not vote for
    The REAL reason is that the developers want to overbuild just outside the cities without any impact fees then dump the extra people in the city schools, overuse the sewers, crowd the roads and book up the hospitals
    Just today Thomas Hospitals had people stay in the ER because the patient rooms were taken up
    What these builders are being allowed to do us now threatening the lives of the residents
    Developers, may you rot in Hell

    • Amen rufus.
      Catalyst be damned.

    • Aunt Pitypat | March 5, 2019 at 6:00 pm |

      You may be correct. Next door neighbor just stepped over to tell us her husband who was released Sunday had to go back to Hospital this morning and needed to be admitted but they did not have a room they had been in the Energency Room all day!! There is SOMETHING Wrong in this town ! Hope for those that are turning their heads the other way for someone else to deal with it donโ€™t have a loved one that needs attention but there is no room or may be no one is listening. Guess there will have to be MAJOR DISASTERS BEFORE SOMEONE WAKES UP !!!!

      • Calamity Jane | March 6, 2019 at 2:54 pm |

        Raw untreated sewage spewing.

      • Baldwin Native | March 6, 2019 at 3:18 pm |

        The County Commission is letting the developers run wild in the county. Joe Davis and Jeb Ball are bought and paid for by the developers. Catalyst OWNS these two.
        Then when the people who bought the houses in the county subdivisions need the hospitals, they overload Thomas Hospital, South Baldwin Hospital, and North Baldwin Hospital.
        The cities (not Daphne – Daphne is run by real estate developers like Haygood) try to control the growth but the developers go out in the county and overbuild.
        Some developers happen to own land in the police jurisdiction and do not like the cities controlling their overbuilding. That is why they are running to Elliot to get him to try to roll back the police jurisdictions.
        When the hospitals can no longer take patients living in the city limits because they are booked up with people living OUTSIDE the city limits, people will suffer and may die due to lack of medical resources. Their deaths will be on Catalyst’s head.

        • Hell! We all know that both Joe Davis and Jeb Ball are chumps!!! They have lied to my face just as the most of the politicians have. Theyโ€™d rather climb a 20 foot ladder and tell a lie, than to stand on the ground and tell you the truth. We have a lot of this going on and F Elliott. Little man!

          • Calamity Jane | March 7, 2019 at 3:06 am |

            Jeb Ball is a devout triple dippin Christian. Three gov’t paychecks must be nice.

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