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The Ethics Commission came through for the elected officials and the 1% who they represent.

A one page form letter that dismisses a 10 month investigation and hundreds of pages of documents. This is standard operating procedure for the Ethics Commission. No explanation just a simple statement “That their was not probable cause to believe”, that Burrell and Hix,”committed a violation of the Alabama Ethics Act”.

The Ethics commission also found the same thing in the BP Boom scandal involving Senator Trip Pittman. He was appointed by the Governor to be the “trustee” of BP funds. He entrusted himself with $750.000 dollars of municipal contracts. The Ethics Commission turned a blind eye.

Alabama Ethics Commission revelations go ‘Boom!’

Alabama Ethics Commission revelations go ‘Boom!’

“They haven’t been corrupted by it. They’re a part of it.”


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22 Comments on "ETHICS COMEDIANS"

  1. Paul, it seems like when someone doesn’t side with you they are crooks. Why is that? There are a lot of people, a whole lot [emphasis added], that does not agree with you. So why is it that every time you have filed a complained it has been dismissed? Is it because everyone that rules against you is a crook? Or, are they unbiased and rule fairly? Or, is it you do have the ability to file a complaint correctly, and you and others around you think they have facts but it is merely gossip. Paul, perhaps you need to find a different hobby and do something more productive with your life.

    • Amen

    • Aunt Pittypat | October 19, 2017 at 4:28 pm |

      Thanks Jack!

    • I guess that since the Anonymous here doesn’t seem to think that anything is being done wrong in Fairhope, is clearly benefiting financially from the Fairhope Airport or the ridiculous subpar soccer fields that have cost double or even more than what they are actually worth. Or, are you just one of the many, (emphasis on “many”), stupid human beings that have allowed this corruption and insane behavior of the Fairhope Council to continue. If you think just because the pathetic members of the Alabama’s Ethics Committee has ruled against a complaint filed by virtually anyone and everyone in the entire State of Alabama is correct. You are again, sadly mistaken. We have spent 20 times or more of the difference of what another better suited and a more level piece of property would have cost us, just on hauling in ridiculous amounts of DIRT alone!!! Most ignorant thing I have witnessed during the 50 years that I have lived in Fairhope. The new soccer complex, if you can give the name that much credit, is a joke on us and to everyone else in every city in Alabama as they too realize how stupid we seem to be by spending and wasting millions of dollars just to enrich the Fairhope Councilmen and their friends while leaving us with joke of a complex!!! It would appear that you are a crook and don’t give two cents about the betterment of the city of Fairhope’s future. You along with your clan just want to take the money and run. Pathetic trash!!!

    • Francis Paul Ripp | October 19, 2017 at 7:31 pm |

      I will just keep trying. Jack will never be re-elected because people can see through Jack

      • Paul, can you hear that drumbeat? Your credibility is now non-existent, every complaint you have filed has been determined to not have merit. You have made it easier for the ones that decide to seek reelection to be elected. If you had not filed your complaint then the rumors and gossip you seem to manufacture could have hurt the candidates, the council members would not have a third party independent party rule ruling. As of today, they have a great rebuttal to all of the gossip and lies that spew from this site. You can talk, talk, and then talk more, and all a council member has to do is hold up the letter stating your complaint was dismissed. I was serious about you finding a new hobby, I know you want to be like your father but the reality of the situation is, you will never enjoy his reputation. I hate to break the news to you but you really need to focus on the mayor’s office, her issues then you may get an ethics complaint accepted and ruled in the light you desire.

        • So you are satisfied with the state of our local city government?
          Do you think the priorities are in the right place?
          The biggest issue with the growth taking place is the sewage? In my opinion.

          • I do not see proof of corruption at the level which some of you think there is. That is not to say that there have been numerous poor and wasteful decisions made by Fairhope pols. The soccer fields stand out as a million dollar facility that somehow cost over six million. The airport was a failed attempt at real estate development and I certainly dislike spending so much for something only a few use.
            Mr Kant had people on the payroll who should not have been paid so much. The Mayor and Council spent utility money which should have gone to maintenance. Many of these mistakes are the fault of the previous council and mayor. ( I forgot the Fly Creek fiasco)
            I do think we are largely on the right track now. I think the new mayor, warts and all, is generally getting things done. The Council could use tweaking with Boone and Burrell paying for their past “sins” and maybe replacing Brown with someone who is NOT a Corte follower. I give the other two a pass. Unfortunately I haven’t met enough people(3) who are electable and capable to replace the 3 Bs. Maybe they are out there. If you replace one of them the dynamic would change some and two would give you a whole new ballgame.

            The other thing is that we are not getting anywhere complaining about water over the dam. We have a lot of utility maintenance past due. (see poop in bay) and our officials need to spend every possible dime dealing with it. Again, I am not saying everything has been on the up and up, but I do think there has been little malfeasance. Our problems seem to come when the government tries to do too much and spends money on non essential stuff.

            Finally, I think we do not address the selfishness and greed of some of our developers. They should be called out and shamed. We could use a developer who cared about the community’s quality of life.

        • Times are Changing | October 19, 2017 at 10:25 pm |

          Can you here my foot steps drum beater. It’s me getting ready to put one of them right up your rear end. You think this changes anything. Not whatsoever!!!! We will continue to support Paul Ripp and all the many, many, many citizens that are finally convinced that Jack Burrell is worthless and evil. This truth is continuing to spread. Even behind Jack’s back, some councilmen are beginning to wobble and it is showing more and more each day and especially during the council meetings. Beat your all you want to big boy!!! The troops are rallying against Jack and all those who follow him at a tremendous rate that even your drum can keep up with.

        • Francis Paul Ripp | October 20, 2017 at 10:48 am |

          Jack you will love my next move, coming very soon.

  2. From Fairhope | October 19, 2017 at 9:29 pm |

    We demand to know the names of the ones that are on the Ethics Commission. Can we not go above them since they are obviously intertwined with these crooks in Fairhope? Everyone that knows of all the crap that has gone on in Fairhope for years – even prior to Kant needs to step forward. I as well as many others would contribute to Ripp for having the courage to bring a lot of this mess out in the open. The Ethics Commission needs to go also – they obviously know Kant & have been meeting with him.

  3. So they just need to level the fields

  4. Langston Rogers (Rock Creek) | October 20, 2017 at 6:04 am |

    Guys and Gals…

    This is all gonna be fixed at the ballot box. By the citizens bent on taking back their city from the goobers.

    Not Tim Kant’s father in law.

    Ripp make sure you get that judge from the state office to come back down here ya hear?

  5. I heard Pittman put in a bid to level the fields for two mill.

  6. Fairhope.
    The GErM of the Eastern Shore. Way to go sh#tty council.

  7. Face it: There is too much money to be made in real estate here and those investing in it are well organized and well connected. Don’t worry about the sewers and streets. Our taxes will be raised to pay for all of it. When the money to be made is made these goobers will move on to another area to exploit. Goodness knows I hope I am wrong but that is their track record

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