Alabama’s Ethical Decay and Delta

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35.4 Million SARS-COV-2 infected in the USA with 615,000 deaths. The Delta variant has Gulf Coastal Hospitals filling fast and your elected officials are finally getting the picture.

Sheriff Huey Mack has a breakthrough case.. in spite of his vaccinations and refusal to enforce the duly issued Stay At Home order last Spring Break. His Deputies removed several people from the Baldwin County School Board meeting where Eddie Tyler announced that all staff, teachers, visitors, and students 2nd grade and up must wear masks.

There is a new bridge battle afoot. The Mayor of the two fiefdoms, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are at odds, big surprise, but the Baldwin Bridge Company’s contractual gun to our heads ensures that our hands are tied unless we play ball with them.

Steve Russo-Frank Burt-Tim James , you get the picture. The Taxman Elliott’s Police Jurisdiction Law will not only increase the size of the Sheriff’s territory but it prevents the City of Fairhope from enforcing it’s wetlands protection ordinance, who benefits?

The Lagniappe skewers the UA Board again over ghost employees and golden parachutes.

And we get a nebulous response to the Writ of Mandamus filed against the Alabama Ethics Commission in Montgomery County Circuit Court (Our Writ and their 12(b) response will be posted later today). And10 term Limestone County Sheriff Mike Blakley was convicted of corruption this week, as an aside.

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12 Comments on "Alabama’s Ethical Decay and Delta"

  1. Ethics commission should drop the “Ethics” and go by “The Commission”. Sounds more machine-like. Ripp you fight hard but they’re like the sun. They keep coming back.

  2. Once again. This is their world and yโ€™all are just in it

    • I have accepted this and my world now makes sense

      • I too drank the koolaid. Now everything g is beautiful. Wow, the sun is in the sky, God is in his Heaven, and the Christian conservative politicians are running our state with compassion.

  3. Dear Paul : The last we heard was that our dear friend , Frank Burt , had “passed away .” Have you special insight that most of do not possess ?

    • Frank Burt was ok until Catalyst backed EE Ballโ€™s boy. That boy had no lick of sense but he had Catalyst backing him and behold, Burt got beat

  4. We love you, Paul. Someone must speak the truth.

    • Go ahead and live Ripp but remember that this is Catalystโ€™s world and you are just in it

  5. clownshow baldwin CC | August 9, 2021 at 4:30 pm |

    Frank Burt was crooked as a roach leg.
    Ball is dumber than a rock.

    • Yeah but Ball was Catalystโ€™s boy He is dumber than a rock but he was a malleable puppet for the puppet masters
      The dumber they are the easier they are to control

      • Sighโ€ฆ
        Here we go again.
        Resist after meโ€ฆ
        This is a Catalyst world and you are just in it
        Noe does your world make bette sense??

        • These koolaid drinkers donโ€™t get it nor will they ever
          They still do not realize that a new order ruled by the catalyst politicians are shaping this area right before their eyes
          In their refusal to accept the truth these sheep are confused, angered, and embittered
          You idiots. This is our county and you just live in it

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