Alabama is the most corrupt state in the United States and the Alabama Ethics Commission Director, Tom Albritton, is doing his best for Alabama to remain the most corrupt. The Alabama Ethics Commission resembles a criminal enterprise.

If you are news media, why are you not reporting the actions of the Ethics Commission’s Director?

Or the actions of Regions Bank?

Please read the first article, by Rob Holbert, Editor of Lagniappe, who broke the story. Then read the balance of articles for more details.

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I can think of many question of the Ethics Commission and Regions Bank, but here are a few:

Why should anyone trust Regions Bank? Regions Bank should NOT be a choice for a “trust account”. Expectorant fees and a lack of fiduciary responsibility is not what you expect with a “trust account”.

How much money has Regions Bank made from administration fees and interest?

How many millions does Regions Bank have on deposit from oil revenues?

Mr Albritton has used the trust to finance his children’s education, while ignoring the intent of the trust.

Is it OK for the trustee to self benefit from the trust?

Why did Regions Bank and the Tom Albritton not tell the citizens of Conecuh County that oil had been discovered in 2010 and 60 to 80 million dollars of oil had been pumped from beneath the county?

Who paid taxes?

Did the county benefit?

Why has the Ethics Commission remained silent?

We all know why.

The below articles have followed the original story, however the major Alabama newspapers have failed to cover the story at all. No papers, available in Conecuh County, have reported this news to it’s readers.

Please contact the media in your area and ask why they are not covering the obvious corruption and ethic’s violations, involving Regions Bank and Director of Ethics Tom Albritton.