The Attorney General of Alabama, Steve Marshall is doing the Alabama Shuffle. It is easy he just mentions key words like Biden, Abortion, Immigration or files frivolous lawsuits. That is all it takes to sidetrack his constituents. Marshall may go down as the worst Alabama A.G. β€œAlways Gone” in the last 25 years.

No white collar crimes or political corruption cases submitted to the A.G.’s office, see the light of day.

That is why Alabama politics is so corrupt. The Politicians that are corrupt, know Marshall has their backs.

This is the letter the Attorney General sent me back about a complaint, I filed with his office related to the Ethics Director Tom Albritton: Please note that the letter re: Complaint, no name? The letter is not signed either. Best yet you got to love the sentence β€œWE cannot, however, disclose to you any decision about your complaint”–ALABAMA SHUFFLE

This is your Attorney General:

Opinion | Please pay attention to Steve Marshall

β€œHere’s what that’s gotten you: An AG who files, or signs onto, frivolous lawsuits that mean nothing and usually go nowhere, while ignoring cases that do matter to Alabamians – cases that could protect the citizens of this state.”

Attorney General Marshall did the Alabama Shuffle when the complaint hit his desk related to the Ethics Executive Director Tom Albritton.

Elephants in Alabama

The Attorney General has only covered the backs of the Bar and Ethics, no criminal charges have been filed.

Now a civil lawsuit has been filed, outlining the charges against the Ethics Director. Will this finally wake up the press ? Maybe, however The Ripp Report is going to disseminate the articles and facts for you. If this is not clear evidence of how corrupt Alabama is, what is? No state agency, or our Governor have taken any action. Alabama will remain the most corrupt state and laughing stock of the United States, if such blatant corruption is ignored.


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  1. Time to file another ethics complaint against the ethics commission. They are soft and compliant.

  2. Decades of corruption exposed.

    No conviction.
    No care.

    Fairhope is fast becoming a dump. Who really believes it is the best place to live in Baldwin much less Alabama?

  3. Stella from Rock Creek | July 29, 2022 at 5:35 am |

    I heard they passed the 8 million dollar water tower. Maybe now we can take showers. Someone ask Prince Jack if it is okay to use hot. Weak men around here not to stand up.

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