No one denies that a mobile bridge is needed. What so obvious is that the politicians have united to make decisions contrary to their original promises. When the no tolls petition hit 50,000 the politicians panicked and started covering their asses. We heard no tolls, no federal money and “we have to listen to our constituents.”

The bridge is needed but traffic is second to expanding development, that is the major motivator.

Another petition needs to start up with a special pledge: No Tolls and NO Votes, for those who support tolls. The politicians got together and decided if all the politicians got in the honey wagon together, then the citizens opposed to tolls would dissipate and come the next election cycle, the voters would have amnesia.

ESMPO Chairman and Fairhope City Councilman Jack Burrell said in a statement. “The Eastern Shore has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decades and our infrastructure has not kept pace.

Fairhope infrastructure is 10 years behind. Jack Burrell has been on the council 10 years and kicked the infrastructure can down the road. He was directly involved in slowing down or not even approving projects. A true politician, Jack now talks about infrastructure, what B.S.

“The project can move forward now and it will allow , it will secure the federal funding that we already have received”, said Burrel, “and it will also allow for us to continue to seek additional federal funding that so many people are asking for.”

Burrell first promised no federal money was needed, and no tools, if his mouth is moving he is lying! NO TOLLS

Burrell is the last person you can believe:


This is another example how politicians once elected, forget their promises. Tommy is playing football in the swamp. Politics before Veterans

“So, this Congress drafted the Honoring Our Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxins (PACT) Act, a massive piece of legislation that attempts to right size VA healthcare and benefits policies regarding veterans suffering from illnesses related to toxic exposure. The U.S. House of Representative passed one version, but the U.S. Senate considered a slightly different version – and I had several concerns with the bill the Senate considered.”

This is Tuberville playing football in the swamp. Jerry Carl did not support this bill either. Strange how people that have not served make decisions for wounded or sick veterans. I hope all veterans remember this next election.