City Council President Burrell Fairhope Alabama


Fairhope’s City Council has no priorities, or if they do it is off the rails. Consider Fairhope just had another sewer spill.

This council has slowed down infrastructure projects and misused city funds. They are rouge and conduct themselves as a criminal enterprise.



Think about this, three councilmen Boone Brown and Burrell, without any community involvement or public participation paid 2.75 million for land for recreation. They have no money for development so their solution is to lease the 2.75 million in land for farming??????? This is the same three councilmen who have ignored the sewer infrastructure for years. If it were not for city staff and the mayor, who obtained BP funds, nothing would have been done. This is the first time in 20 plus years where sewer infrastructure is being seriously addressed, WITHOUT THE HELP OF THE COUNCIL.

Recreation land for farming or repair the sewer infrastructure.

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Fred Sanfford & SON

So they bought to lease?
Where’s the written plan?
Where are the outrafed citizens?


You’ll never get it from this council. None understand the concept of priorities and planning.

Richard Thompson



Hey Richard Thompson,
Don’t pull it up if you are so HO HUM. Stop being so childish. Leasing the land won’t even pay for a single survey of this dead beat property. Matter of fact, the lease won’t even pay your bar tab. Plus it has wetlands on it. Just plain Stupidity.

Future Candidate

I see blood in the wster.


Dick Thompson is backing Kant.

Ed Avery

Fairhope is being renamed tim kant trailer high. Yall heard?


The Council should be charged with environmental pollution and jailed for their malicious behavior. They allow all these houses to be built because their TRUE boss is TRULAND. Then we have the sewage spills.
Drop a piece of paper on the ground and you will be fined by city judge (Also owned by TRULAND). But the “TRU” pollution is allowed to happen.

D.M. fairhope

Any word on those juvenile charges against Burrell? Has he manned up yet?

Send Burrell back to Mississippi

Burrell has molested the city.

Lyn Stacey

80 percent of Fairhope voted roy moore.


Burrell wins easy.

Catalyst is Evil

Ha ha. I know this is NOT the real Lyn Stacey. But I thought it was a cute nod to the King of Catalyst

Lyn Stacey

Lyn Stacey’s legacy is trashing the Eastern Shore, owning crooked politicians, and finding work for a certain person (Baby Boone) who lacks the sense to hold an honest job.

Fairhope Traveler

Burrell claims to work.
He is a grifter. I know. Look into.


Massive floaters at the pier.
Too large for hope


I’m getting very tired of yall attacking the fishing industry. It’s never been better. When we spot that beautiful Fairhope famous brown mass of incoming water and turd that shine like gold. Fairhope Brown Gold we call it. You don’t even need nets, the fish just pop up to the surface. They are a little browner than usual, but the CDC says I’m good if I wash it which is great I can eat for weeks. Before you start bashing me for that, I wash my hands after wiping the poop off. Why do you want to take food off my family and all the restaurants tables. I thought you were pro business here.


I repeat, I wash my hands AFTER the poop is off. You only make that mistake once. 1. It might be poop. This makes sure it’s a fish. Take a deep breath into your hands. Does it smell like shit? Keep washing until they smell like fish.
2. While it tastes a little better, you WILL get sick. It’s worth the 15 seconds. Wash the damn fish. I learned this the hard way.

R.T Bishop

Fairhope usee to be nice.
Bring back Tim! Karin is crazy!!


Tim would still be mayor if he did not let Corte build this apartments off Parker Road
Tim showed the people that Corte controlled him and the citizens had to vote him out
But Corte is smart. He still owned the Council – and still does
I cannot wait to vote this Council out


The apartments open soon to a trafficking nightmare.


Parker Road is already a nightmare. Yet the catalyst Council is slowing even more development
People of Fairhope: You see who your council members really work for and it is NOT you!
Remember this in the election